Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Cancer Personality: How Unresoved Trauma Causes Cancer

Part 3
One of the most recent studies on psychosomatic cancer therapy comes from Germany. Over the past ten years, medical doctor / surgeon Ryke-Geerd Hamer has examined 20,000 cancer patients with all types of cancer. (My note: Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer research is also called German New Medicine. More information can be obtained here).

Dr. Hamer wondered why cancer never seems to systematically spread directly from one organ to the surrounding tissue. For example, he never found cancer of the cervix AND cancer of the uterus in the same woman. He also noticed that all his cancer patients seemed to have something in common: there had been some kind of psycho emotional conflict prior to the onset of their disease - usually a few years before - a conflict that had never been fully resolved.

X-rays taken of the brain by cancer Dr. Hamer showed in all cases a ‘dark shadow’ somewhere in the brain. These dark spots would be in exactly the same place in the brain for the same types of cancer. There was also a 100% correlation between the dark spot in the brain, the location of the cancer in the body and the specific type of unresolved conflict. On the basis of these findings, Dr. Hamer suggests that when we are in a stressful conflict that is not resolved, the emotional reflex center in the brain which corresponds to the experienced emotion (e.g : anger, frustration, grief) will slowly break down. Each of these emotion centers are connected to a specific organ. When a center breaks down, it will start sending wrong information to the organ it controls, resulting in the formation of deformed cells in the tissues: cancer cells. He also suggests that metastasis is not the SAME cancer spreading. It is the result of new conflicts that may well be brought on by the very stress of having cancer or of invasive and painful or nauseating therapies.

Dr Hamer started including psychotherapy as an important part of the healing process and found that when the specific conflict was resolved, the cancer immediately stopped growing at a cellular level. The dark spot in the brain started to disappear. X-rays of the brain now showed a healing edema around the damaged emotional center as the brain tissue began to repair the afflicted point. There was once again normal communication between brain and body. A similar healing edema could also be seen around the now inactive cancer tissue. Eventually, the cancer would become encapsulated, discharged or dealt with by the natural action of the body. Diseased tissue would disappear and normal tissue would then again appear.

According to cancer Dr Hamer the real cause of cancer and other diseases is an unexpected traumatic shock for which we are emotionally unprepared. The following list shows some of the relationships between conflict emotions and target organs.

OrganUnresolved Conflict
Adrenal CortexWrong Direction. Gone Astray
BladderUgly Conflict. Dirty Tricks
BoneLack of Self-Worth. Inferiority Feeling
Brain TumorStubborness. Refusing to Change Old Patterns. Mental Frustration
Breast Milk GlandInvolving Care or Disharmony
Breast Milk DuctSeparation Conflict
Breast (Left)Conflict Concerning Child, Home, or Mother
Breast (Right)Conflict with Partner or Others
BronchiolesTerritorial Conflict
CervixSevere Frustration
ColonUgly Indigestible Conflict
EsophagusCannot Have it or Swallow it
Gall BladderRivalry Conflict
HeartPerpetual Conflict
IntestinesIndigestible Chunk of Anger
KidneysNot Wanting to Live. Water or Fluid Conflict
LarynxConflict of Fear and Fright
LiverFear of Starvation
LungsFear of Dying or Suffocation, including Fear for Someone Else
Lymph GlandsLoss of Self-Worth associated with the Location
MelanomaFeeling Dirty, Soiled, Defiled
Middle EarNot being able to get some Vital Information
MouthCannot Chew It or Hold It
PancreasAnxiety-Anger Conflict with Family Members. Inheritence
ProstateUgly Conflict with Sexual Connections or Connotations
RectumFear of Being Useless
SkinLoss of Integrity
SpleenShock of Being Physically or Emotionally Wounded
StomachIndigestible Anger. Swallowed Too Much
Testes and OvariesLoss Conflict
ThyroidFeeling Powerless
Tumor (in location)Nursing old Hurts and Shocks. Building Remorse
UterusSexual Conflict


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  1. Dear Chang,
    This is very informative. Starts me thinking whether it is worth putting frustrations and keeping conflict unresolved in ourselves just to put our own body at harm.
    Okay I will do my very best to resolve all the conflicts that I have got in the past...ha ha ha... my greatest conflict could put my Bladder and Cervix at risk !!! Ha ha ha if you know what I mean.

    I will start to relax and learn to forget and forgive as soon as possible. I have also started on a healthier lunch. And you know how difficult it will be for a glutton like me.

    Keep reading and finding the cause and the solution.
    Thanks again boss.

    Bee Tin

  2. Dear Bee Tin,
    I only found out about this only after I had cancer when a former cancer survivor, Joanne Chee from New Zealand wrote to me. She suggested that I read German New Medicine.

    Knowing is one thing but how to resolve is another. Perhaps I will in a future post share some of my experience on how I am doing it. Yes, it's still work in progress. Takes a lot of time. I can tell you now that the process is painful. The truth hurts.

  3. From what I understand about Dr. Hamers' "German New Medicine"- the area on the brain is not a "dark spot" it's a mark that looks like a bullseye- a target, like a water droplet leaves after it hits the body of water.
    AND it's not a "breakdown" in the brain- it's actually natures way to buy time for the mind to heal the conflicts. There is nothing wrong in the way natures heals us- it's perfect actually- it's when conventional medicine steps in, illicit s more fear (due to ignorance) and damaging toxic "therapy's" Make sure you are learning for a certified GNM practitioner. http://www.newmedicine.ca/about.php