Monday, November 22, 2010

Is There An Anti-Cancer Vaccine?

Courage is as often the outcome of despair as hope; in the one case we have nothing to lose, in the other, all to gain.
Diane DePoiters

Many times I find myself in more dispair than hope about my cancer situation. I think this is because my mind is conditioned after years of indoctrination about conventional medicine. To rid myself of these mind imprints takes a lot of work and reminding myself there are other ways of looking at things.

Obviously taking a different approach requires great courage because that path taken in unbeaten. I also get a lot of discouragement and yet at the same time, friends and family members are also not sure whether to give support or not. Whatever it is, it's my life and I should take whatever action deemed necessary for my own salvation. Of course, I will listen to inputs of friends and family members but obviously it is not fair to shift the decision burden to them for my own health failing.

Why Doctors Don't Get Cancer?
I stumbled upon this article posted by Derek Clontz. I am not sure if the doctors elsewhere in the world are able to access the vaccine or not. I know many Malaysian doctors are also now getting cancer.

The whistle blower was Dr Federick X, a highly respected oncologist. Dr. X refuses to reveal his identity or whereabouts fearing what he terms “lethal punishment” from an industry that depends “on large and ever-growing numbers of cancer patients entering the system just to stay in business.”

The doctor himself insists that his statements stand on their own merits. He challenges “anybody, anywhere to prove me wrong.”

He goes on to provide specifics, saying the cancer vaccine was developed simultaneously at federally-funded research centers in Los Angeles and New York in 1967.

A simple and inexpensive ”cocktail” of weakened cancer cells, the vaccine showed such promise that the FDA agreed to forego normal procedure and allow early clinical trials on humans.

Those trials reportedly involved the vaccination of over 500 medical volunteers who were later injected with live, virulent cancers of the type that attack the brain, eyes, spine, colon, kidney, pancreas, liver and lung.

In all but three instances, says Dr. X, the live cancer cells “were destroyed within days.” By early 1969, he adds, “virtually everyone involved in the trials was convinced the vaccine would eradicate cancer for all Americans within a matter of a few years and for every human on earth within a single generation.”

According to Dr. “X”, the results “horrified the cancer industry, which saw its major source of income, its power and tens of thousands of high-paying jobs and careers going down the tubes.”

Under intense and apparently threatening pressure from “major lobbyists and influence peddlers,” he continues, the FDA hastily re-classified the vaccine as unsafe for humans

But cancer researchers knew better, he alleges, and continued to order the vaccine for “experimental use” – a practice that he says continues with the FDA’s nodding but unspoken approval to this day. “That’s why the cancer statistics show that doctors seldom get the disease while ordinary people remain at high risk,” explaines Dr. X. The doctors are taking a so-called ‘experimental’ vaccine that they know to be safe and effective but won’t give to you.

You can read more here.

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