Tuesday, May 10, 2011

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Of Alkaline Water Filters
Many a times, we often hear about this or that being anti oxidant. Can you have a simple test without going to the labs? Alkaline water filter distributors conducts anti oxidant tests demos to potential clients to show the effectiveness of the anti oxidant properties of the water inexpensively. This test involves the use of iodine. Antioxidant materials in the sample reduce the elemental iodine and the reaction is monitored by measuring either a decrease in iodine or an increase in iodide ion. The method rapidly and inexpensively produces antioxidant measurements that are comparable to those produced by my more complex and cumbersome methods.

As an example, we have two samples of water, sample A is reverse osmosis water while sample B is alkaline water. Then we add a drop of iodine into the samples. In sample A, the water will turn yellowish, nothing further happens. In sample B, the water will initially turn yellowish but slowly becomes clear due to the anti oxidant properties of the water. The rate it turns will depends on the alkalinity of the water. A further test can be conducted on sample A which is acidic. Green tea is said to be anti oxidant. We can test this by just adding a few green tea leaves into sample A and stir the water. After a few seconds, the water will turn clear, turning the acid water into alkaline.

Walter filters are big business in the country. Generally, there are three type of water filters namely distilled water machine, normal (eg. reverse osmosis) water filters and alkaline water filters. Of late, due to the awareness of health issues, many vendors and in particular some MLM companies have also cashed in on this trend. This discussion is on alkaline water filters. There are so many alkaline water filters out there, but some claimed that their alkaline water is better than the others. Is there some truth in it?

Ionized Water Production

The diagram illustrates how tap water is filtered and then becomes alkaline water. No matter what brand or claim are made by alkaline water filters makers, they all uses the same technical process. The process differences if any are in two main areas:

1. The first area is in the filtering. Different manufacturers uses different type of filters. Filtration system ranges but could typically be available in 1 micron and .01 micron levels of filtration.
2. The second area is in the ionization process itself. Here, have a look at the electro plates system. Lower end models uses aluminium 3-plate system while higher end uses platinium-titanium 5-plate system. Aluminium plates are not recommended due to it's toxicity.

In terms of the output water quality, the difference is in terms of the Oxygen Reduction Potential, better known as ORP. Ionization also affects the molecules of water. When seen under a microscope, water molecules show up as clusters - fourteen to fifteen water molecules to a cluster. When you ionize the water, the clusters become much smaller in size and more easily absorbable, only 5 water molecules to a cluster.

ORP is the mechanism the body uses to either protect our cells, or work to destroy our cells, depending on whether the ORP is negative or positive. Positive ORP increases oxidation (aging) and leads to free radical oxidative damage to cells that are a forerunner to degenerative and fatal diseases normally found in tap water, bottled waters, distilled and reverse osmosis waters as well as cooked and processed foods.

Negative ORP, however, which is an integral part of ionized alkaline water, literally retards the aging process is also a very powerful anti-oxidant. Negative ORP absorbs the free radicals, it converts to useful oxygen and increases our oxygen supply. This helps detoxify our body and increase our energy level and our ability to fight disease besides alkalizing your body. Typical Ionized Alkaline Water shows anywhere between +100mV and -100mV OPR reading, depending on the quality of the machine while higher end machines produces at least -250mV ORP reading to over -800mV.

Japan is the leading producer of alkaline water filters in the world and some of the branded water filters (approved by the Japanese Health Department) are also sold as OEM kits to Korea, Europe, USA, Taiwan and Malaysia and then rebranded. You just need to ask the distributor which OEM kit is being used in the brand and you will know. Of course, you can still buy as the original brand. Expect to pay above RM3,000 (US$1,000) per machine even for OEM models.

For Malaysian readers, if you need a recommendation, please email me. I don't get a single cent for commission from the distributor and his prices are posted online. Always negotiate for a discount. I am only doing this as a service. I also use an alkaline filter that I bought in October 2009. Alkaline water must be drunk fresh and loses most of its properties within a day. You can do the anti oxidant test to confirm it. So far nobody bottles alkaline water but if you do find one, please don't buy. It would be days since bottling before it arrives at the shop shelf.

Two days ago, Justin Choo emailed me a link about a certain brand of alkaline water called Kangen Water which is been given free by someone in Subang Jaya. There are claims of superiority of the alkaline water. Apparently, that water filter costs RM18K (US$6K). First off, thank you Justin for the information and I would also like to thank the person for offering free alkaline water to people who needs it. But at the same time, I am a bit sceptical about MLM companies doing their promotions. Dr Robert Young (author of The pH Miracle) wrote a blog post titled Kangen Water - Myths and Facts which you can read here.

Fungicide Therapy Trial - Day 14 Update
Yesterday I was coughing throughout the day and my phlegm were all blood stained. The coughing became a bit more frequent this morning. My chest is still congested but I think I am ready to resume the fungicide therapy but will monitor my progress throughout the day.

Of late, I have been having trouble falling asleep. Last few days, I only managed to fall asleep at about 4am in the mornings and had such difficult time waking up at 9am. I have stopped taking LDN for 2 weeks now but something is causing me to be wide awake to the wee hours in the morning. I will have to find a remedy to treat my insomnia.


  1. Hi CT,

    Thanks for the information. Many good products are taken advantage of by "enterprising" entrepreneurs. There is this product called electro-static therapy machine, also from Japan, which is also selling at a very exorbitant price. You can walk into their presentation at shopping complexes or shoplots. The Singapore owner is a real fantastic guy who created this very effective marketing strategy; even I was "conned".

    When I first walked into the presentation having heard it from a friend who said that the company is not really selling anything except to share the benefits of the product. Of course I was sceptical. To cut the story short, you would be attracted to attend more sessions, and by that time you would have been "convinced and sold" just like me. Then the final coup d'etat came, in the announcement that they are moving place to another far-away shoplot. The now excited and desparate crowd will then have to decide fast whether to buy before the price increases again.

    After a few weeks, I found out that they started the sessions again in the same premises! A good product being marketted in an unscrupulous manner!

    Sorry for the long story, CT.

    Take care.

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  2. Hi CT,

    I am very particular about my English grammar. I suppose I am from the old school. Even my sms has to be properly spelt. I couldn't edit the grammatical mistakes of the above comment after hitting "select profile".

    So next time I shall ensure I edit before hitting "select profile". (LOL)

  3. Hi Justin,

    It's OK. Lately, I have used the Firefox browser as it offers spell check on the fly.

    But I like your explanation. I have provided some technical background while you have provided the marketing background. Now, we all get the complete picture.

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