Sunday, May 29, 2011

A Faint Light

Friday The 13th
Last Friday was a difficult night for me. After nightfall, I tried to sleep but I could not. I also could not lie down or sit down. I was waiting for morning to break. I tried watching TV but could not concentrate. I was wondering what caused this restlessness in me? As I searched for the answer from within, I observed that I was not able to fart neither could I burp. I felt uncomfortable. I feel a burning sensation in my upper stomach region. The cause was acid reflux. When I lie down, the back flow of acid to the esophagus causes the discomfort and in turn made it difficult for me to sleep. This went on the whole night. At past 4am, my mother suggested that I try her remedy which is using Chinese Medicated "Wind" oil. She applied the oil all over my chest and the stomach in circular motion. Minutes later, I just dosed off. What a night!

Saturday Blues
I woke up at about 7.30am. I felt relieved but very sad over the passing of my family dog, Bobby. Bobby was a stray dog that came to our house over a year ago.

I quickly went about my morning routine and then gave the dog a decent burial. At 11am, I was already exhausted and my hands and feet were trembling. I quickly drank my apple+carrot juice that I made earlier and went to bed. I managed to sleep without any problems and woke up at about 1pm just in time for lunch. After lunch, I slept again and woke up about 3.30pm. It was the first time in two weeks that I managed to sleep that easily.

Despite all the sleep during the day time, I was still feeling very tired and weak. I rested in bed and skipped my TCM class.

As night came, I became a little anxious, wondering if I could sleep or not. I applied the Medicated "Wind" oil. I could lie down in bed without the restlessness feeling. That's a good start but I think having spent so much time sleeping during the day time has made me less sleepy. I applied the Medicated "Wind" oil a second time and about 3am, I managed to sleep undisturbed till 9.30am this morning. After a good night's sleep, I felt much better this morning. Today, I will try to skip any napping so that I could bring my body clock back to normal. Tonight, I will retire to bed much earlier so that I could have a proper rest to allow my body to heal.


  1. hi CT,

    sorry to hear about Bobby.Its ironic, today,my family went to the Sunday Market where organic produce is on sale, there was a stall selling puppies and dogs and one of them look like Bobby.

    Hope that your ability to sleep at between 10pm to 1am improves day by day,,,

  2. Hi Chang,

    Is the Chinese medicated oil the colourless one with menthol or the oil-based "green-coloured" herbal "hong yew"?

    Take care.

  3. Dear Justin,

    It's "Kwan Loong" Double Lion Brand.

  4. Dear CT,i am glad you managed to sleep,as it will be of help to the healing process.Keep it up and yes the kwan loong oil has been around for a long time and it can help, rub it also on the sole of your feet,then pakai stokings to keep it warm, to prevent angin,thats what my mum used to tell me. God Bless,AL mal.