Thursday, May 19, 2011

Overcoming Fear

Yesterday I rewarded myself by making oats noodle soup. I would like to eat more of it but it contains a little sea salt and unbleached protein flour. So I have to restrict and take it once in a while.

My insomnia is really bad. I think my biorhythm is out of sync, I can't seems to fall asleep at night while I spent more time sleeping daytime. I did try not to sleep during daytime in the hope that I can fall asleep at night but it did not work. I think I am building up internal heat possible from taking Dhal curry and sprouted bread + cayenne pepper for a while that is making me difficult to sleep. So, I will consult a TCM practitioner and get some herbs to drowse the internal heat in TCM terms.

Vitamin B12 And Liver Injections
I believe this is one of the most important part of the Gerson therapy that every Gerson cancer patient should take in the beginning months. When I first started, I had no information about it so I could not do it then but today, I hope to change all of these. For people doing Gerson therapy on their own, it is now possible to give yourself the Vitamin B12+Liver (B12L) injections to rehabilitate the liver. I can tell you where to buy the B12L solutions and today, I am going to show you how to go about the injection. Actually, it's not difficult and you can watch any Youtube video on this subject to get an idea because my instructions maybe too wordy.

Giving Yourself The Jab
I have only a few months of experience of giving myself the B12+Liver (B12L) injections. For the record, I am afraid of needles but I managed to overcome the fear to give myself daily injection on the butt.

Equipment and Solutions
1. Alcohol swabs (1 box = 100 swabs)

2. Nipro disposable plastic syringe (3ml capacity, 1 box = 100 pcs. 1 set consist of 1 syringe and 1 drawing needle). Pictured shown with drawing needle attached to the syringe.

Parts of the disposable plastic syringe.

3. Nipro hypodermic needle (0.5x38mm, 1 box = 100 pcs). Pictured shown with needle attached to syringe.

4. Liver extract solution vial (1 bottle = 30ml, good for 300 injections)
5. Vitamin B12 extract solution vial (1 bottle = 10ml, good for 3.4 injections)

You can buy the syringe and needles from your local pharmacy. The brand I used is called Nipro. Syringe and needles are to be used ONCE only.

Drawing Solution From Vial
1. Inside the disposable plastic syringe set (item 2 above), you will find a 3ml syringe and also a drawing needle needed for drawing the solution. To prevent injury, the needle is protected by a plastic cover. You should only remove the cover when you are ready to draw solution. Attach the needle in cover to the syringe and lock it (twist to right). To remove it, make sure needle is in cover and twist to left.

2. Put the Liver solution vial on the table. Next, push the plunger to the end of the syringe barrel. Wipe the alcohol swab on the mouth of the vial. Remove needle cover. Insert the needle into the vial rubber stopper (see diagram).
Hold the Liver extract solution vial (with the inserted needle) between your thumb, first and index finger with your left hand. Push in the needle and pull the plunger backwards to draw out 0.1cc of liver solution from the vial. Pull out the needle and replace cover. Store the liver solution vial in a safe place.

3. Now, we are going to draw B12 solution. Wipe the alcohol swab on the mouth of the vial. Hold the B12 solution vial between your thumb, first and index fingers of your left hand. Take out cover and insert the needle into the B12 vial rubber stopper. Meanwhile maintain a firm grip on the plunger because due to different pressure in the vial and the syringe, the vial will draw any fluid in the syringe into the vial. We don't want that. Draw out 2.9cc of B12 and plus the earlier 0.1cc liver solution, we now have a full 3cc (or ml) mix of B12 and Liver solution. We are now ready to proceed with the injection.
4. Drawing the solution from the vial may take getting used to. After a few tries, you will know what to do.

Giving The Injection
1. The drawing needle that is attached to the syringe is not suitable for injection. Remove it and in place of it, the hypodermic needle. Before giving injection, it may be good to remove any air bubbles from the syringe. To do that, after you have change the hypodermic needle, remove the cover and hold the syringe at eye level with your left hand. Push the plunger with your right hand so that a little of the solution oozes out of the needle. Cover back the needle.
2. Since the patient is going to receive daily injections, it would be best to take the injection in the buttocks. We alternate between the left and right buttocks each day but not on the same spot. Imagine you are wearing your jeans. The place at the top side of both back pockets are suitable places for needle injection. Another way of finding the place is to place your thumb on your hipbone and move your fingers over the buttocks. Those areas are also suitable. Basically we want a fleshy place to do the injection because that place is the least painful.
3. Some people advocate a 45 degree angle for inserting the needle. I would prefer to inject the needle at right angle. Wipe the alcohol swab over the place you want to insert the needle. Remover the needle cover. The hypodermic needle is approximately 1 1/2 inch long. You should sink in about 3/4 of it (slightly more than in 1.1 inch deep). After inserting, hold firmly and push in the plunger slowly. The slower you push, the less painful the injection. After a while, you should get a feel of the speed to push but NEVER push in the solution quickly for it's very painful. After injection, pull needle out and wipe with alcohol swab. Cover back the needle. Sometimes there may be some blood, but do not worry. That's it.
4. If you need to practice, you can use an orange. Do not waver when you give the injection. Just relax but be firm. Hold the barrel firmly with the thumb and forth and fifth fingers while you push in the plunger slowly with the first and index fingers of the same hand if you are giving yourself the injection.

Disposal of Needles
Never just dump used needles and syringes into dustbin. Use a plyer and make sure you break the needles into smaller parts and then squash the syringe as well. Put in plastic bag. Now you are ready to dispose the broken needles and syringe into the dustbin. I collect over a week's use before I dispose them off.


  1. Hi Chang,

    I think "Chang" sounds friendlier than "CT".

    Last night this realzation came to me. I think your regimented diet has transformed your body system into a perfectly cleansed condition. Once you rid yourself of those cancer cells, which I am confident you will definitely succeed, you will be having a perfectly fit and healthy body. There are thousands out there who will benefit from your experience and your expert advice.

    Take care.

  2. CT stands for "Cancer Terminator" :-)

  3. hi CT,
    thanks for this tip. By the way, what is your normal shopping list every week (for juicing, hippocrates soup, and your salads)?? For example, how many grams of Swiss Chard/Endivde, how many kilos of Carrots. Do you buy carrots and apples by the box?//right now we are just making a wild guess on how much we need for a week (online order from Nature's Glory)... then if the ingredient is not available from Nature's Glory, we buy from NTUC Finest...

  4. Dear Nanay,

    The amount to buy would depend on the quality of the vegetables and fruits. For vegetables, buy as many variety as you can get but some are not good for juicing (spinach, watercress, the greener the vegs the more difficult to drink) but you can add small amounts for juicing. Lettuces of different varieties will form the bulk (70%) for juicing. See my post for some type of lettuces. Don't buy for more than two day's supply (about 3kgs) because organic vegetables will wilt very quickly even in refrigeration.

    For carrots, they can be kept slightly longer and if you can get bulk discount, buy more and keep. You will need 2 medium size carrots + 1 medium apple to make a glass of juice, three medium size carrots to make a glass of pure carrot juice.

    There are some months (like now) where there will be shortage of organic apples (now all from NZ) and if you can buy in boxes, then do it. When in season, you just buy enough for a few days consumption. Sometimes when there are green apple offers, I also buy in the boxes.

    If you are a regular purchaser, you can work with your supplier (I doubt NTUC will allows this) to keep the carrots and apples at their cold room because your own fridge is limited in size. The fruits will also last longer. This is what I am doing now.

    For Hippocrates soup, rule of a thumb are 6 potatoes (500gms), 6 tomatoes (500gms), 1 clove garlic, 1 mid size onion, 2 barks of celery, 1 mid size leek and a little coriander for two day's soup.

    For salads, you can use some of the juicing vegetables, carrots, beet root, capsicon, and other vegetables. For the salad dressing, you can grate the carrots, minced garlic, apple cider vinegar and lime juice and create any combinations thereof. Again, don't buy for more than two days supply and the amount to buy would depends on the portions you mother can take. Anyway, if you have bought excess, you can also eat.

    Initially, there will be some trial and error but after a few days, you will know how much to buy. Don't worry too much because you are always buying for two day's supply, so there will be room for adjustments.

  5. thanks so much CT. Tomorrow we will flying to Manila, and will see some natural doctors there.. finding organic food in Manila is a challenge.. will keep you updated and share with you what we have found too

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