Monday, May 16, 2011

Nostalgic Days

Some excellent pictures-now very rare! Brings back what meant to Malayans then.

Malayan Police in 1950s

Johor Customs in 1950s

Muar Ferry in 1955

Malayan Communist Party in Jungle

British and Gurkhas Soldiers

Burning fire crackers during Chinese New Year

It's just cost 5 cents for a bowl of noodle in the 1960s.

Dakota planes of the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF)

British Soldiers on patrol


  1. Hi CT,

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  3. CT,

    For senior folks like us, the pictures bring back memories of peace, harmony, not to mention women in mini skirts in Malaya then.

    Today, your country is run by corrupt politicians and controlled media who constantly stir up sensitive sentiments for their selfish appetite. Lately, your country chose to became the promoter of pornography.

    In any case, humanity all over the world is in a sad state...humanity has turned cancerous!

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