Thursday, May 26, 2011

Another Hope

I think I may have misread my body reactions. I may have been attributing too much of my present problems to internal heat. Yes, there was internal heat. The last two days, I observed that something else are happening in my lungs and stomach areas. The chest area would feel a heaty sensation (something like a heart burn or reflux) and the stomach would also have a heaty sensation as if you have taken spicy food. I also noticed that my stomach is bloating a little and there are water and gases sounds coming from my stomach. At times, the stomach would ache a bit. These sensations has made me very uncomfortable and I am still experiencing sleeping difficulty. Yesterday, I only slept at 5am. Luckily, I managed to take a nap later in the day.

My cough has been off and on but since yesterday, I found traces of fresh blood in my phlegm. There is surely something happening in my lungs. There is no pain however during my coughs. My breathing and heartbeat are still irregular at times.

MMS Protocol
I continued to look for a solution to my problems and I think my efforts was not wasted when I found this therapy. You may be wondering why another therapy? This is the first time I found a testimonial of a kidney cancer patient on alternative therapy who used a protocol with success, so I thought I should at least have a look at it. The protocol can also help in acid reflux problems too. In fact, there are a host of diseases that it can cure. Initially this protocol was used to cure malaria and they has cured over 75,000 cases of malaria in 5 countries in Africa at US$0.75 per treatment. This is impressive.

The Miracle Mineral Supplement (MMS) introduced by Jim Humble (author of The MIracle Mineral Supplement of the 21st century.) is another mineral supplement that can help people to overcome chronic disease. Part 1 of Jim's book is available for free and you can download it here. Amazing as it might seem, MMS when used correctly, the immune system can use this killer to only attack those germs, bacteria, viruses, molds, and other microorganisms that are harmful to the body. It does not affect friendly bacteria, including the intestinal flora, nor healthy cells. The MMS is 28% sodium chlorite that generates chlorine dioxide (that’s CLO2) when mixed with vinegar. The reason why it produces chlorine dioxide when mixed with vinegar is because the acetic acid (in the vinegar) causes the solution to be neutralized or, better than that, causes it to be slightly acidic. The MMS solution is normally extremely alkaline. When it is made acidic, by adding the vinegar, it becomes slightly unstable and it begins to release chlorine dioxide. The American Society of Analytical Chemists stated in 1999 that chlorine dioxide was the most powerful pathogen killer known to man. MMS is banned in Canada and Australia. In USA, it is known as Miracle Mineral Solution to clean water because FDA did not allow it be be sold as a supplement.

The red blood cells that normally carry oxygen throughout the body have no mechanism to differentiate between chlorine dioxide and oxygen. Thus, in the walls of the stomach where the blood picks up nutrients of various kinds, when a chlorine dioxide ion touches a red blood cell it is accepted. If there happens to be a parasite present it will be destroyed and the chlorine dioxide will be destroyed as well. If there are no parasites present, the chlorine dioxide will be carried by the red blood cell to some part of the body where oxygen would normally be used to oxidize poisons and other bad things. There the chlorine dioxide is released. If the chlorine dioxide does not hit anything that can set it off, it will begin to deteriorate and thus gain an electron or two. This may allow it to combine with other substances, creating a very important substance that the immune system utilizes to make hypochlorous acid. Hypochlorous acid is probably the most important acid of the immune system. It kills pathogens, killer cells, even cancerous cells with this acid. When the body has a deficiency in the important substance from which the immune system creates the hypochlorous acid, it is called myeloperoxidase deficiency.

I found the testimonial of David Voy which led me to discover MMS, who was diagnosed with RCC (Renal Cell Carcinoma) cancerour tumors in 2 kidneys (left kidney Tumor 20mm in size, right kidney tumor 11mm in size) in a CT scan done in Feb 2010. He did not mentioned whether the tumors has metastasized to other parts of the body. He reported that after 3 weeks of use, his left kidney and right kidney tumors shrank in size to 14mm and 8mm respectively. He then went back on a junk diet because his family said "Stop taking that crap" and he became so discouraged, he gave up. Subsequently in March 2011, he did another scan, the tumor did not spread neither did it grow. It remained at 14mm and 8mm as previously. He later realised that the therapy is working and has since resumed the protocol. It should be mentioned that when it comes to the tumors, the body can also kill them and then encasulate them without shrinking or absorbing them. This sometimes happens with cancer, and in that case the tumors will no longer shrink or grow because they are dead. In those case, CT scans will show these tumors as bigger but darker in color.

The protocol that David took is called Protocol 2000. This is an intense program that often works on cancer at any stage, and has worked for Stage IV cancers. According to the author Jim Humble, it is the best he knows at this time for advanced cancers. Of 390 AIDS cases treated by MMS IV in a small clinic in Kampala, Uganda over an 8-month period beginning March 2004, 60% of the cases were considered free of AIDS in 3 days. The remaining 40% were judged free of AIDS in 4 to 30 days. Only 2 of the 390 cases were considered failures.

The protocol calls for consumption of MMS1 and MMS2. MMS1 consist of chlorine dioxide. MMS2 is calcium hypochlorite in powder form in size zero gel capsules. Calcium hypochlorite turns into hypochlorous acid when dissolved in water which is used by the body to kill microorganisms. The immune system simply cannot make enough of this chemical to kill a cancer, but you can furnish it with these capsules. It's the very same thing your immune system uses. This acid is generated by the chemical called calcium hypochlorite.

MMS1 is available online in Malaysia and distributed by Lightworks. You can buy calcium hypochlorite from any shops that sells chemicals for cleaning swimming pools to make MMS2. The cost to implement this protocol is very cheap. 3 months supply is RM300(US$100) while it costs RM100 (US$33) per year when in maintenance mode. If you make your own MMS, its even cheaper.


  1. CT,just incase you missed my comment in your last n3,again dont fight sleep,take your mind away from it then sleep will come,get yourself occupied with things you like to do,i know its easier said then done but there is no 2 ways about it,and make sure you drink lots of water and try watermelon juice as its easier to drink because it taste good,its 90% water and the balance is vitamins good for you and it balances the heat in your body,about blood in phlegm heat is the main culprit 99times out of 100.Keep fighting and doing research on the bigC and keep the info coming to help others.Kind regards AL MAL in Penang.

  2. If you were able to sleep , you would probaby would have been able to keep the cayenne therapy going and all other therapy you have drpped in the past week.

    So you may have had a healing reaction all this time. It could also be the funguscide working too.

    In regards to this post, the therapy sounds good. But to heal so quick, you have to take with a pinch of salt. At least you found yourself someone who has the same cancer, and got over it. Better the snake grass where there is no example of healing of kidney cancer.

    Except for the sleep, to me, all is ok. You could much worse, that is on pain killers, then it would be all over red rover.

  3. Hi Al Mal,

    Thanks. Read your comment. Tying my best and so far, I have been listening to chanting music as I lay down to sleep for last two days. Not bad, managed to dose off.

    Watermelon is not allowed in my diet as it is too sweet. So I used some other herbs to cool down. Today, I will try to take some Indian Snake Grass. It should help.