Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Long Night

Yesterday, I was feeling a little tired and so I took a little nap at 6pm. This is not my usual time for a nap and it would have dire consequences for me. After dinner, I was resting in my bed watching a National Geographic documentary and started to feel sleepy around 9.30pm. Since I had not taken my last doses of fungicide and Sanuvis drops, I quickly prepared the medication and also my oatmeal supper. By the time I finished, it was about 10.30pm and I quickly went back to bed. It was a long night for me. I was tossing and turning and could not fall asleep. At 3am, I got up and took a banana and guava, watched a little TV and then went back to bed. I think I finally managed to fall asleep by 4am and this morning, I only managed to wake up at 10am. Lesson learned is not to take a nap at 6pm, but yesterday I was really tired.

I Just Had To Say It
This morning, I was reading my email when I received a message from a reader from Singapore. He is also a stage 4 kidney cancer patient and if I got it right, he was diagnosed in May 2010. He also writes a blog and I took the opportunity to read some of his posts, particularly those about his cancer. I would like to quote something which he wrote "I felt frustrated talking to my oncologist. She was giving me standard answer and following a standard guideline on what she should do. I would have been more comfortable if she had been honest with me about what she knew and what she did not know, and was willing to explore alternative with me. It seems like she was representing the interest of medical establishment and I was more like a digit to her. My consultation with her was a far cry from my urologist who presented me with choices, was honest with my risks, the types of risks and the percentage of risks."

Normally, I would refrain from commenting about people's choice of treatment, whether conventional or alternative. But in this case, because it is also stage 4 kidney cancer, and after reading what he wrote about his encounters with his oncologist, I just had to write to him. I said "I am not trying to frighten you but I don't know if you are aware that chemo has very little effect on kidney cancer. For stage 4 kidney cancer, conventional medicine just does not work... I hope you start reading on alternative medicine which is your best hope and you must do quick before you poison your body with more chemo and Sutent. The longer you are on such treatment, the faster you will go... Why I am telling you all these? Because I want you to live and live you can if you make the right choice."

I know, it's not my business and I was very blunt. But I was thinking if there is an opportunity to save a life I would not want to waste it. I know because all my 7 specialist doctors told me their stage 4 kidney cancer patients ALL died. It's a question of how soon. You can see the testimonies of two person doing Sutent here:
Ray (M578),53-year-old male.
SC (TK826) was a 53-year-old male.

In the case of SC above, by the time he learned about alternative treatment, it was already too late. Within 1 month after started Sutent, his condition deteriorated and he died two months later.

I can only urge this guy to quickly read on alternative treatments for this is his best bet. Of course, if he wants to follow my footsteps, I am more than willing to show him how. On the result of his latest CT scan, this is what he said "My CT scan done on 5 Apr'11 shows that my tumors did not shrink, neither did they spread further; except for both my hip bones, to be more precise, my report says 'New bony metastasis involving the left ischial tuberosity and the right inferior pubic ramus.' ...Frankly speaking, I was disappointed when I knew my CT result."

Fungicide Therapy Trial - Day 9 Update
I feel very good physiologically. I do feel some pain around my back especially when I get up in the mornings but otherwise, I have no complaints.

I am getting used to the fungicide and taking two drops in 1/4 cup of water (instead of half) because I just had too much juices to drink. Except for more whitish phlegm, everything is cool.

This is my 4th day since I started re-balancing my pH using Sanuvis(Acidum L(+)-lacticum). Because it's buffered in 32% alcohol, I feel a little burning sensation around the throat when I take the remedy. I am starting to smell a little bit more from my sweat. This is expected.

Since I started taking the Dal curry, my appetite has improved so much I am eating much more. What can I say except bon app├ętit!


  1. Hi CT,

    You are doing an invaluable service to mankind. I fully support you.

    Happy to know of your positive progress with fungicide.

    Just a trivial and unimportant off-topic, I think Upekkha is spelt with 2 Ks.

    Take care.

  2. CT,

    Dhal goes well with Capati!

  3. Hi Justin,

    You are right. Since Upekkha has already been been taken by someone else so I created another version of it.

  4. Yes, Dhal sure goes well Capati and Roti Prata too.

    This week I will by trying Dhal with potato pizza, rye & wheat Capati and brown rice noodle in Dhal curry(this one is totally experimental).

  5. Hi CT,

    The URL may not be duplicated, but I think the title of the blog can be duplicated.

  6. Dear Justin,

    When I first started this blog, people often get to the wrong site. So I kept the spelling slightly different (even though it's wrong). In short, it intentionally done.

  7. CT,

    Its not the spelling that matters. Lets not get picky.

    Your blog has been heartfelt and sincere, able to reach out to help many others unlike some who only do it for the money.

    If this blog's doing fine, lets not waste time on the little things.

    You have a whole life ahead of you. Keep sharing from the heart!!!

    Peace, brother!

  8. I think Justin is only trying to understand. He is not the first to ask because many of my Buddhist friends are confused as well. When I first started, believe it or not, I also spelt my blog wrongly when I type the url!

    I have kept and will continue to keep my blog free of advertisements.