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Hydrazine Sulfate Protocol

Yesterday, a group of friends invited me to talk to a cancer patient and also to see if I could help her out. I will write more about her case later but for now, there are two thoughts that I want to share arising from seeing this case. I have said it before and I will say it again.

I do not believe in blind faith, meaning don't just listen to what I or people say about cancer treatments. If we really want to help, we should also supply all the resources to enable the decision makers come to an educated conclusion rather than merely relying on other people's desperateness. Most well meaning friends would just forward the therapy via email without checking or understanding much about the therapies and being caregivers and cancer patients MUST NOT JUST accept what people say. This also applies even if the referrer is a doctor/therapist. I know of some doctors/therapist who receive commission when doing referrals. It is important to know on what basis the treatment is based on. Otherwise, it just gambling of a life by taking up the therapy. I have seen many patients' condition deteriorating in three months or less after taking the wrong therapy.

I would also like to remind would be Gerson therapy adopters, PLEASE, PLEASE follow the therapy to the letter if you are not supervised by a therapist. Sometimes, doing a therapy partially does more harm that not doing at all. I know, it very difficult to the get all the supplements, but that should not be an excuse. This is because there are resources like the Internet, Gerson Institute and now with people like me and many others who are sharing the therapy for which you can ask. I believe if you follow the Gerson therapy partially, the patient will suffer as a result. For example taking of unrelated liver supplements in place of desicated and defatted bovine liver is not the same. Also taking a much lower dosage than recommended and many other "short cuts" or substituted supplements are sure way of not getting the results. Also taking other supplementary medication from other doctors/therapist without understanding if those are complementary to Gerson therapy would cause the patient to be loaded with more supplements to take. But the stomach can only take so much, taking package A supplements may mean the patient have to forfeit package B supplements. So be very careful with your choice.

It was by co-incidence that I was writing on cachexia and the remedy half-way yesterday (when my friends came over). I met the above cancer patient who is suffering from cachexia.

When cancer cells use sugar (glucose) as fuel, they only partially metabolize it resulting in a waste product called lactic acid. With the help of the liver, this lactic acid is then recycled back into glucose which the cancer will continue to feed on it. Eventually, the body's energy pool becomes depleted and the energy intake of a cancer patient can't keep up and weight loss results. This is the onset of cachexia. Main cancer patients dies because of cachexia rather than the cancer itself because the body becomes so weak without nourishment.

It should be noted that when a person goes for alternative treatments which includes the changing of diet into a diet like Gerson diet, there will be weight loss due to the change in diet rather than cachexia. Cachexia also exhibits itself in losing of muscles and fats in different parts of the body. Weight loss in cancer patients could also be due to the patient having problem eating and if it continues, it will certanily lead to cachexia.

This is one of the main reason why many cancer patients cannot gain weight. In particular, many cancer patients in the hope of gaining weight starts to consume more animal protein on the understanding that it will help gain weight. But what this patients does not know is that the more you eat, the faster the cancer grows. This is because the proteins that are being consumed are used by the cancer to grow. Remember that cancer hides itself from the immune system by using a protein coating layer over itself. So when cancer grows, it will take protein either from the food you eat or take it from your existing muscles. So very little of the protein that is consumed goes to the body. Many alternative therapies proposed a diet, the so called "starve the cancer", taking of foods that the cancer cannot use. This means staying away from foods that contains high level of glucose and oil.

From my own personal experience, starving the cancer while is a good way to prevent the cancer from growing, but the cancer patients also struggle to gain the weight back. This is because under normal condition, a person requires 2,000 calories per day and the food that starve cancers are typically low in calories. So the patient have to eat a lot. So whatever food that is taken by a cancer patient is normally used up by the body in the daily activities leaving very little for weight gain. So, what can we do?

Hydrazine Sulfate
According to Wikipedia, hydrazine sulfate is the salt of hydrazine and sulfuric acid. Known by the trade name Sehydrin, it is a chemical compound that has been used as an alternative medical treatment for the loss of appetite (anorexia) and weight loss (cachexia) which is often associated with cancer.

Joseph Gold, M.D., director of the Syracuse Cancer Research Institute and the developer of hydrazine sulfate was one of the promoters to use it as an anticancer and anticachexia agent. Dr Gold spoke about the truth of hudrazine sulphate and can read more here.

A review of the clinical research concluded that hydrazine sulfate has never been shown to act as an anticancer agent; patients do not experience remissions or regressions of their cancer, and patients do not live longer than non-treated patients. There are many clinical trials done on hydrazine sulfate and you may find some of them here.

Like all alternative treatments, there will be proponents and opponents. It was reported that about half of all patients who take hydrazine sulfate experience weight gain, restored appetite, and a significant reduction in pain. Dr. Gold chanced upon hydrazine sulfate while looking for a drug that inhibits this gluconeogenesis process. Hydrazine sulfate can shut down the enzyme necessary for the production of glucose from lactic acid.

The Hydrazine Sulphate Minnesota Wellness Protocol Dosage
One 60 mg capsule every day for the first 3 days. With or before breakfast. One 60 mg capsule twice a day for the next 3 days. Before breakfast and before dinner. One 60 mg capsule three times a day thereafter. Approximately every 8 hours beginning with breakfast.

This protocol is based on a patient weight of 55 Kg and above; for a patient weight of 50 Kg and below, half dosages have been reported effective. Generally it is reported that hydrazine sulfate is most effective when administered by itself (no other medications given one-half hour before or after administration of hydrazine sulfate) before meals. If adequate response is made on 2 capsules daily, patients have been reportedly maintained on this dosage schedule and not increased.

Best efficacy with hydrazine sulfate has been reported by maintaining daily treatment for 45 days followed by an interruption for 1 to 2 weeks, then re-institution of treatment; this interruption has been reported to prevent the development of peripheral neuritic symptoms.

Note: It has been reported that there is an incompatibility of hydrazine sulfate with ethanol, barbiturates, and tranquilizers. Patients receiving hydrazine sulfate should thus avoid alcoholic beverages, tranquilizers, and barbiturates.

For a more complete explanation of this treatment, please visit Cancer Tutor's article on the same subject here.


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