Saturday, May 14, 2011

Maple Syrup Mystery

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I was looking forward to buy some kombucha commercially but after searching online for a while, I could not find a single shop selling it locally. I also could not find it at Chinese Medical shops. There is a website that is dedicated to the promotion of kombocha tea worldwide. You can obtain your kombocha culture for free or a nominal value by contacting people who are willing to share in your own country here. I hope to grow the kombucha culture and share with others in the future. This is one probiotics drink I would like to drink.

Maple Syrup Update
One of my observations about the current literature on Baking Soda Maple Syrup (BSMS) protocol that I read on the Internet is that they are more or less from one single source and most health sites just reproduces the article. Perhaps due to my training, even in alternative treatments, I would like to see some peer or literature reviews on protocols before I feel comfortable about it. To this end, one of the sites that I look up to for peer review is the Cancer Tutor site.

Not surprisingly, most all the health sites that I browsed through would quote "...maple syrup and baking soda and was first reported on the Cancer Tutor site" to add credibility and yet when I visited Cancer Tutor site to read about this protocol, Cancer Tutor did not support this protocol! One of the main reasons why I think Cancer Tutor did not support the protocol is that Weekly World News which reported the Jim Kelmun's protocol are known to publish articles that were pure fiction. Cancer Tutor also could not validate the authenticity of the article. Elsewhere, we have Dr Sircus (therapist and Director International Medical Veritas Association ) and Dr Simoncini (author of Cancer is a Fungus) supporting the protocol.

The fact that I am playing the devil's advocate here tells you that I am still uncomfortable with this protocol although it does show some promises. The areas that I am uncomfortable with this this protocol are:
a) the alkalinity of baking soda will be neutrilised as soon as it enters the blood stream due to buffering.
b) No studies on the bonded structure of the mixing of baking soda and maple syrup under heat of 120°F (49°C) for 5 minutes were reported. If their individual structures does not bond, then the baking soda and maple syrup goes separate ways as soons as digested and we know maple syrup alone will feed the cancer.
c) In my search for more literature on this protocol, I just found some very interesting explanation as posted by a microbiologist point of view on the scientific analysis of maple syrup:

The main sugar in maple syrup is sucrose. Sucrose is a disaccharide, a fructose and glucose molecule linked together.

Sucrose is digested in the stomach into fructose and glucose by glycoside hydrolase. Undigested sucrose is broken down into its component sugars in the small intestine by sucrase. From there, the glucose and fructose can be absorbed by the lining of the small intestine. The body has regulatory substances to control the amount of sugar in the blood. Excess sugar is stored as glycogen(starch) as a ready source of sugar. Insulin initiates the conversion of glucose to glycogen. Glucagon is the counterpart to insulin and causes the glycogen to be converted to glucose. Insulin and glucagon balance the glucose sugar in the bloodstream.

Fructose is broken down into 2 3-carbon moleucles by enzymes in the liver. Fructose has been linked to insulin intolerance, but it is still under review. Fructose is metabolized differently than other sugars. Instead of going into the blood stream (where it could raise blood sugar), most of it goes directly to the liver. This is why Fructose has a lower Glycemic index (GI) as the GI is based on a foods influence on blood sugar. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS)would be similar to a honey that has a similar fructose/glucose ratio as the composition and ratio would be the same. A recent study showed that when HFCS was exposed to warm temperatures, it forms hydroxymethylfurfural (HMF), a potentially dangerous toxic substance, and killed honeybees. As temperatures rose, levels of HMF increased steadily. Levels jumped dramatically at about 120°F. They also mentioned other studies that have linked HMF to DNA damage in humans. In addition, HMF breaks down in the body to other substances potentially more harmful than HMF.

However, what is important is that sucrose, the main component of maple syrup, is just plain table sugar. For the alleged benefit of maple syrup/baking soda, it would not make a bit of difference if maple sugar is used or table sugar in water. It is the same chemical. However, if you are talking about trace elements (a chemical element required in minute quantities by an organism to maintain proper physical functioning) in the maple syrup, that is something different. To find out the nutritional value of pure maple syrup, please read Michigan Maple Syrup Association's fact and data sheet here.

The point of the matter is that maple syrup or table sugar contain the same chemicals that are broken down by the body in the same manner.

Soda can be used as an antacid in the stomach which neutralizes stomach acidity.

Sucrose never reaches the cancer cells. The main sugar found in the blood is glucose, and smaller amounts of fructose and galactose. Again, sucrose never gets to them little buggers to destroy them.

Honey would follow the same mechanisms. If they are simple monosachharide sugars like glucose and fructose, they do not need to be broken down in the stomach or small intestine by enzymes. They will be absorbed directly by the villi in the small intestine. Based on the study of HFCS (as detailed above), it would be obvious that honey (which has a similar fructose/glucose ratio combination) when heated to 120°F (49°C) would also produce HMF that is harmful to humans.

So, the key question to me is would sucrose also produce HMF when heated to 120°F? I have not been able to locate any studies about sucrose. So the maple syrup factor with baking soda is still a mystery. It is clear now baking soda should not be used together with honey and heated to 120°F for 5 minutes. From actual testimonials, I read in forums that there are both successes and failures. Like all alternative treatments, it will not work for all cancers and will also depend on the stage of the cancer. One of the failings of alternative therapies are due to the lack of proper documentation about some of the therapies and also of patients' condition and perhaps the only exception being the Gerson therapy.

Fungicide Therapy Trial - Day 18 Update
I have been coughing out white phlegm throughout the yesterday. I also need to cough a little hard to push out the phlegm. The chest still feel a little congested. One of my observation since I started the fungicide therapy is that I have been coughing out more whitish phlegm than before I started the therapy.

My insomnia problem is getting worst. I will be visiting the pharmacy to get some medication just in case I have problems tonight. I have not been able to fall asleep till past 3am for one week already. The natural remedies that I am using is not working and I think this is mainly due to the Sanuvis medication that I am taking. One of the adjustments that I will be doing is that I will complete the intake of Sanuvis before dinner time.

Yesterday, I started my new detox program as follows:
a. 2 coffee enemas a day (one at 9.30am and the other at 5pm)
b. 3 teaspoons of potassium clinopolite zeolite a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) for 90 days before reducing to 1 tablespoon a day. Zeolite is smelless and tasteless. However, when mixed with food, you feel like having fine sand grains in your food.


  1. Hi CT,
    I find your site really inspiring. My 60 year old mother has been diagnosed with breast cancer last year, and we are embarking on a full Gerson Therapy in June to prevent recurrence. I have quoted some of your words in my blog if you dont mind...
    am wondering though, why you are not sticking to the full Gerson regimen and experimenting on baking soda/maple syrup therapy? I am still researching about the theory that Cancer is a fungi and I also believe that if cancer is indeed a fungi, the alkaline based Gerson therapy should be helping you to heal already... why the need to do something so drastic?? baking soda/maple syrup.. am just a little concerned about you, that's all.. I hope you dont mind.

  2. Hi CT,

    Looks like BSMS is too risky to embark.

    Take care.

  3. Dear Nanaymiriam,

    You are welcome to use what you see fit.

    I am still FULL on the Gerson therapy (GT) but I also recognised the limitation of GT in my case. I have 43+ tumors (a few of them very big) in my lungs and in most cases, patients would not be expected to live more than 3 months. GT has been helpful in preventing further spreading, but it has not been able to reduce the tumors in my body.

    I am still researching about this baking soda maple syrup protocol and you can sense from my writings, I am not convinced. So I may instead look at DMSO + baking soda protocol instead.

    Do not worry about me because I research a lot before I take up any therapy but I do thank you for your concern. I am not the type to sit around and would like to do something to help myself while I still can.

  4. hi CT,
    You are too good to be lost to cancer. Based on what I have read from GT, it seems the aim of the therapy is not necessarily to shrink tumuors but to heal your body so that your immune system can help you to heal once and for all. It took me a year of researching about GT before deciding to embark on it for my mother. Understand that you do not have the luxury of time for a wait and see approach..
    If you are now at a stage of being so brave to take on agressive protocols like this.. please also read on about GC-MAF and macrophage. I have researched about it too, it seems the science and logic behind it makes sense.. though am still skeptical about the organizations offering it for clinical my blog entry here:

  5. The base therapy that I have chosen is immune rebuilding. From here I select the therapies that supports this principle of which Gerson therapy(GT) is one of them. GT is be my anchor therapy and any other therapy that I select will be adjunct. I find this way of proceeding to be quite safe to help myself.

    So all the additional therapies that I select will enhance my healing. I hope you understand how I am treating myself, I am not abandoning GT. But before you can do this, one much ensure that the anchor therapy has been stable first. I have been on GT for 20 months now, so I can have a little luxury of trying other therapies.

    Thank you for the info, I will check it out.

  6. Since you also mentioned about alkalinity, eating alkaline foods does not automatically mean the body will re-balance the pH by itself. The alkalinity is buffered upon entering the blood stream and any excess alkalinity is discharged, so it never reaches the tissues. Cancer patient's tissues are very acidic, so it takes a long time to be neutralised. Please see and for a better explanation.

    What I am trying to say is that for cancer patients, we need to do more to re-balance the pH of our body.

  7. Dear Nanay,

    I read your post about Enzymes (macrophages) eating tumor cells and my view that that the allopathic doctors has always approach treating cancer from a different direction. This is because research is very expensive and the only way to recoup and make more money is to make it as complicated as possible and have it patented.

    Have you every wondered for a normal people like you, how is your body able to defend itself from the cancer cells it encounters everyday? What you should be aware is the pancreas produces enzymes that are not only required for digestion but to dissolve the tumor cells. You can read more on Dr Kelley's cancer cure and the importance of pancreatic enzymes here:

    This is also why the people on the Gerson therapy takes in a lot of pancreatic enzymes (21 tablets a day).

  8. CT,
    I respect your decisions and I am really inspired by all of your posts, except for this one. This time, I would really have to point out that you are in the WRONG (for your sake).

    Cancer Tutor does not recommend Maple SYRUP and also does not recommend Taking Baking SODA ORALLY-- read here:

    I do not have to defend Macrophages as I am only researching about it and just wanted you to take your mind off from baking soda.. even Kelley is talking about acid/alkaline imbalance... not going overboard on baking soda.

    For the record if you will read my blog, I am a firm supported of Kelley's protocol-- my mother has been taking pancreatic enzymes sicne last year.. we are all alternative..

    have you tried other ways to alkalanize your body such as Curcumin supplementation and the Breuss Protocol? I have seend you have tried almost every possible protocol to raise your PH levels but not Curcumin or Breuss Protocol..

  9. Information on maple syrup, baking soda, etc:

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