Sunday, May 8, 2011

Dare To Fail

Yesterday, just after I posted the case of Ms S, I received an email from her brother informing me that Ms S will be admitted to a hospital. This is because she has not been able to eat or drink any of the juices due to the stomach bloating. I am really sad to hear that and I hope she will regain her strength and health at the hospital.

I think people on alternative treatments can be broadly classified into three categories. The first category are those that respond very well to the treatment within a short period of time (a year or less). The second category are those who do not respond (within 6 months). The third category are those that are neither here or there, "hung" so to speak. I belong to this third group. From a logical or psychological standpoint, this is not too bad, at least I am still living and going about my daily routine. But from a technical or medical standpoint, this is a slow death. This is because the body will over time become weaker not just because of the tumors that are still inside the body, but also because as the body ages it will not be able to withstand the tumors onslaught. Sometimes, I feel like being locked in an enemy's dungeon. The enemy would not kill me neither have I the capability to escape. Suspended on the wall with chains (i.e. the tumors) where the enemy can flog me at will (pain from the tumors), the body becomes weak, tired and the mind almost broken.

It's so easy to choose for alternative treatments especially some of them give such rosy testimonials of cure rates. Even for Gerson therapy, I know of two persons who despite having been to Gerson Clinic, Mexico, did not respond to the treatment. They followed the therapy religiously at home. This is what alternative treatment is all about. It works for some people and not for others. Some people say, no harm trying. But when you put your heart and soul into it and when you don't respond, it's like poking a knife deep into the heart. Not only it's painful, the person may not want to try again.

A "hung recovery" is where I am now. A friend said to me last week that I seems to get bolder in my treatment approach, trying even to the extent of poisoning myself with fungicide. Actually, I have more treatments up my sleeves and I am going for the kill or be killed. I don't like to be in such situation and although I am desperate, I will still not try anything that I don't understand or not comfortable with. With understanding, I will take risks and belong to those category of "dare to fail" people, even if my life is at stake.

Fungicide Therapy Trial - Day 12 Update
At about 6.15pm yesterday as I was waiting for my fellow TCM classmates to pick me up, I suddenly had a hard cough and then I spit out a blood stained cartilage. It then followed by more coughs and more blood followed. It was accompanied with a nose bleed as well. I had no soft tissues with me and my hands were already filled with blood, trying to prevent the blood from dropping onto the road. Luckily I was quite near the roadside drain. I must always remember to carry a plastic bag and soft tissues with me. I tried to slow down my breath to control the situation but to no avail. I continued to cough out blood intermittently for the next 20 minutes before it would slow down. By then I was also panting for air (as if I just ran 100meters dash). This is my third episode and the worst to date. In such a situation, the most important thing is to stop the lungs from bleeding further and losing more blood. I had to give the class a miss. I was also feeling sick. After I walked home, the coughing with blood continued but in less regularity throughout the night.

I could feel my chest strained as it tries to grasp for air. There are also some lingering pain. Maybe it's the fungicide therapy and/or the pH therapy doing its work or maybe otherwise.

Baking Soda Maple Syrup Protocol Revisited
One of the therapy that I am considering myself is the Baking Soda Maple Syrup Protocol. My shipment of baking soda should arrive from USA next week. However, within the alternative therapy fraternity, there has also been disagreements on the effectiveness of this therapy. One camp says that when the bonded baking soda and syrup is being digested in the stomach, the bond is broken and the baking soda does not get very far into the system. Meanwhile, the glucose will be absorbed into the blood stream to feed the cancer cells making things worst. However, this is only their assumption. What we do not know is when baking soda with maple syrup is cooked at about 120°F (49°C) of heat for 5 minutes, what happens to their combined structures? We do know that heat changes the structures of some food. We also know that some people have successfully used this protocol and Jim Kelmun reported over 200 successful cases.

The question before us is whether taking this protocol would make the patient condition worst? I have no personal experience with this protocol. Under Gerson protocol, we are allowed to two teaspoons of organic honey a day. I have been taking honey all this while , though not on a daily basis except during my two weeks stay at the Gerson Clinic, Mexico for which I took two teaspoons everyday. My condition has remained stable all these while. Now instead of honey, we are substituting with maple syrup (I have read in some forums people used honey when they cannot find maple syrup) and would the cancer be able to take advantage of that glucose? In my personal view, I don't think so. Furthermore, this protocol is for a short period of time of 3 weeks only and the amount of baking soda maple syrup mixture is only one to two teaspoons per day (i.e. about 1 and 1/3 teaspoons of pure maple syrup per day).

So I began the search for actual contemporary cancer patients who has successfully used it to cure cancer. I did find a cancer survivor by the name of Vernon who used this protocol and the Budwig protocol to cure his cancer. In Vernon's website, he also mentioned another survivor, Donald J Porter using baking soda. Donald J. Porter was diagnosed with killer prostate cancer that metastasized to his bones. Here is his protocol (worked for him since April 2007).

Avoid any forms of sugar for a month+. Then initiate as follows:

1st day- 1 Teaspoon of BS soda with 2 Teaspoons of Black Strap molasses (“BSM”) & 1 cup room temp water 2x day (away from meals). Heat @ “LOW” temp for 5 min. & STIR a lot to fully combine your sugar & BS into “YOUR Trojan Horse” to benefit your body/immune system. The molasses/maple syrup targets cancer cells (which consume 15X more glucose than normal cells) & the baking soda, (which is dragged into the cancer cell by the maple syrup/BSM), being very alkaline, forces a rapid shift in pH thereby killing the cancer cells fairly quickly (24-48 hrs).

2nd day – repeat, also Do Deep breathing (30x – 3-10x day or more). OXYGEN KILLS cancer cells

3rd day – same Cancer cells gobble up SUGAR so when you encourage the intake of sugar it’s like sending in “your own Trojan horse”. The sugar is “not” going to encourage the growth of the cancer colonies as the alkaline baking soda is going to kill the cells before they have a chance to grow.

4th day – same 2X day goal get to 8.0 – 8.5 pH & hold 4-5 days & result cancer cells dormant at pH 7.0-7.5+ or a few tenths, & kills cancer cells @ 8.0-8.5. My pH measured 8.3 on 3rd day with a blood & urine test. Eating figs, apricots, dates, raisins, goji berries-potassium.

5th day – started taking the solution – 2 tspns BS & 2 Tsps BSM 2X day

6th day– reeat 2 Tspns BS & 2 Tspn of BSM & 1 cup of water 2x a day. My pH measured 8.25. That is what happens with cesium chloride/BS done by Italian Dr. Simoncini, mild nausea is good as it means the dead cancer cells are being dicarded by your body.

7th – All ok – lips tingled : an Oxygen Euphoria from a lot deep breathing. Oxygen assists in killing bone cancer! Also on day 7, increased BS to 3 Tspns. & got a slight headache, backed off to 2 Tspns BS- I was a bit uncomfortable/nervous & had a slight headache, so I reduced it. I had slight confusion. Do 30+ DEEP breaths several times per day – VERY IMPORTANT !

8th day – double dose 3x a day to get pH high- could some be health issues with too much BS. Potassium (200+mg intake is IMPORTANT). FILTERED water !! Excercise

9th day – A little diarrhea, a little weak feeling, really began to up my potassium intake. All experts said that high dosage of potassium (also with cesium chloride) is very important Oxygenation euphoria all day from deep breathing. Ok KILLING cancer cells more important !

10th day – Headache more persistent ,body sweats SO- I cut back to a solution 2x a day; not 3x.

11th day – down to 1.5 Tspns to control headache, bit of loose stools, slight headache & night sweats. I cut back felt overloaded- 8.35 goal achieved & I wanted to maintain pH 8.0+ for 4-5 days.
NOTE: Key Points: Take BS solution 2 hrs before or 2 hrs after eating, to give stomach acids time to digest food. Eat HIGH potassium organic foods, SUPPLEMENTS, vitamins, minerals, & herbs as recommended for Cesium Therapy by others with noted successes .

- Coral Calcium 3000 mg
- Vit D3 10,000 iu’s, PawPaw
- CoQ10-200 mg, Tumeric
- Astrogus
- Potassium 200 mg,
- Milk Thistle 1000 mg
- Astaxanthin
- Aloe Liq. & Caps
- Sun Chlorella
- ApricotSeeds-B17


  1. Hi CT,

    Dare to fail? I would say "Dare to survive"!

    You are a hero. Just to read about your ordeal has made my heart weak. You will be healed. I am sure you have given hope to many cancer patients, unlike the other "professional & qualified" specialists.

  2. Praying for you, Chang.

    This journey is not easy and in walking this path, you have taken courage to reach out and touched many lives.

    Each day, a legacy is being written and truly, you have "lived" much more than any of us so-called 'living' beings; more like zombies or slaves in pursuit of the worldly success.

    Despite your experience now, you are free to live as best as you can.

    Take care!

  3. if you do take the baking soda therapy, how are you going to do it? If you have to juice every hour. Are you going to modify the gerson therapy for the 11 days.

    Do you know of Don Croft? He has a "zapper" device you "experiment" with. Start at

  4. that cartilage is good , if you ask me. a healing reaction. It seem like in alternative medicine , pain is good but it would hard to know when it is good?

    Have you asked someone what it is and if good or bad? Do you have a therapy guide?