Saturday, April 2, 2011

No Running Water

This is going to be a tough day for me. I just found out the there will be no water supply this morning. Late yesterday evening my father noticed that the tap water was running very low and that was an indication that the taps will run dry later on. So before that happened, I quickly filled up whatever water I can so that I can have some water for washing the vegetables and the juicer this morning.

I have been coughing a bit more in the mornings and the evenings. My phlegm are always stained with blood clots. I believe there are some inflammation inside my lungs area. I can feel some pain around my ribs and the area just below my arm pit.

The last week or so, I also noticed I am having backache when I get up in the morning. I am not sure why? I have changed my bed and it is now very firm. Could this be due to the vegetables juices that I have been taking? In TCM, vegetables juices are considered cool (Ying) and can cause backache especially to older people like me. I also noticed that every morning, when I wake up, my mouth is very dry and taste very bitter. I believe I have been breathing through my mouth while I am asleep. This could mean my nose passage is blocked.

A Note About pH Testing
This morning, I also took another pH test of my body and the reading was 5, quite acidic. There is really more work to be done. As I posted on Tuesday, just drinking alkaline water and juicing does not make my body more alkaline because the blood does pH buffering. That's why I have chosen to do the Dextrorotatory Lactic Acid treatment to force the change.

Although the optimum pH of the body is about 7.4, but when we use a pH tester to test the pH of our body through the urine and saliva, the correct range of the pH value should be around 6.4. The pH can move all over the place and the "averaged" pH of both urine and saliva will be right around the 6.4 level (backed by clinical work with the research of Reams, Vincent, Revici and others) - and this would be at just about any time of day when tested - though the best times to track and test for a baseline reading would be two hours after a meal. The reason 6.4 seems to be ideal is for specific ionization principles to be carried out in the body. The average pH is derived from this formula:
(Urine pH ____ + (Saliva pH X 2 ___ ) ) / Divided by 3 = ____.

Ideally a pH of say around 5.8 would be very good for urine (shows the body can get rid of metabolic acids), and 6.8 would be very good for saliva.

IMPORTANT: pH issues and what you do about them must ALWAYS be seen in the light of a person's breath rate and breath hold time. The lungs are initiated to regulate pH on a moment to moment basis. A normal average breath rate is 16 breaths per minute. If a person for instance has a resting breath rate of 9 breaths per minute, that individual has a potential alkalosis issue.

Correcting Your pH

Average pH Between 6 and 7
Some practitioners suggest that if your average pH is between 6 and 7, you can just use the neutral calciums of gluconate and orotate to build up your total alkalinity along with other minerals and trace minerals.

Average pH Above 7
If your pH is above 7, it is possible that vitamin C (ascorbic acid) can be useful. Clinicians have found about 1000mg twice a day of C is good, and the higher above pH 7 you go (especially if this is the urine #), the more vitamin C you can take.

Vitamin D is contraindicated.

NOTE: You should note that it is entirely possible to be too alkaline. Many go around and say alkalize, alkalize, alkalize, but they fail to point out that there is a flip side to everything. Being too alkaline presents its own set of clinical manifestations and needs to be equally addressed.

Average pH Below 6
If your pH is below 6, some clinicians will add calcium citrate or calcium carbonate (something like coral calcium is the carbonate form). With pH 5.6 to 6 clinicians have found that adding 1000 IU of vitamin D once or twice a day is beneficial and pH from 5.2 to 5.6 up to 5000 IU of vitamin D is good, while pH below 5.0 up to 50000 IU of vitamin D once or twice a day would be ok as little vitamin D is being absorbed in the acid terrain. It is possible to use vitamin D to help push the pH up. Stop the calcium citrate and carbonate when you come into pH range 6 to 7. Pull back on vitamin D and go to cod liver oil for vitamin D requirements. Do not take vitamin C.


  1. If you need temporary supply from water tanker, please call 1-800-88-5252. No kidding! This might provide relief for your inconvenience.

    Otherwise, stay sane and do what you think is good for you. After all, its your life. All of us are only concerned readers with absolutely no vested interest.

  2. Thanks for the hotline number and appreciate your concerns.

    I still have enough water for the day but if the tap continues to run dry tomorrow, I guess I will have to call the water tanker supplier.

  3. CT, I wanted to give you a brief update on my situation and let you know of a supplement that I found out about that I believe can help treat many forms of cancer. I've been keeping up on your blog, but haven't commented lately.

    I have felt some enlargement of more nodes in my body, and so had some imaging done in the last month. The scans reveal that cancer has progressed while doing Gerson therapy. I was very disappointed, but I can't ignore the facts that it isn't working for me. I'm looking into other treatments, and I am planning to start a clinical trial for an investigational drug that inhibits the PI3K/AKT pathway. I will start the drug in a few days.

    I wanted to let you know of this supplement that I learned about. It also inhibits the PI3K/AKT pathway. It's called Inositol Hexaphosphate, or I6P. It's also known as "phytate" or "phytic acid" and is a naturally occurring component of our food, specifically grains. In supplement form, it is usually combined with inositol bound to calcium and magnesium. I6P can cause absorption problems for some minerals, so that's the reason they add the calcium and magnesium. I6P also binds free iron, and that is one of the ways that it can have an anti-cancer effect. But it also directly somehow inhibits the PI3K enzyme, which is a type of tyrosine kinase inhibitor that is particularly active in some cancers and an upstream stimulator of NF-kB. It's inexpensive and safe to take under most circumstances. I hope you will look into inositol hexaphosphate for yourself or maybe one of your other readers might benefit from it.

    Keep searching. Keep believing.

    Warm regards,

  4. Dear Emily,

    I am sorry to hear about your new nodes. I believe this is a temporary set back.

    I will definitely read up about PI3K/AKT and inositol hexaphosphate that you mentioned. Thanks for the information.

    I really hope this new drug that you will be using will help you out. Meanwhile, I will continue to sent positive thoughts to you.

    Hang in there and keep on trying.

  5. Thank you, CT. I am feeling very optimistic about this new treatment I'm about to take.

    I forgot to mention in my previous comment that I have started taking LDN at 2mg nightly two weeks ago. After two days on LDN, I started developing some pretty nasty aches and pains. I had terrible chest pain when I would breath in, my abdomen, belly and back ached constantly, I would wake up with a headache and dry throat and mouth, and I had dry eyes and a dry cough. After a week, the pains and problems started to diminish, but I still have the dry throat at night, dry eyes and back aches although they are not as bad now. I hope these problems will continue to diminish with time. I guess if I increase the dosage it might all come back again temporarily. I don't know how common these side effects are, and I wonder if some of your problems aren't side effects from LDN still. Maybe your body is still adjusting to it.

  6. Dear Emily,

    As for LDN, I am currently taking 4.5mg a day a about 11pm for about 2 months now. Initially, it caused me difficulty in falling asleep but it's much better now. I also experienced backache and it comes and goes but it's still giving me problems the last two or three weeks. I also noticed for the last three weeks, my mouth and throat is extremely dry and taste kind of bitter, so I just drink some water when I wake up for my night urine. This morning my saliva pH is also good at about 7 when I wake up.

    I understand another LDN user also experienced headache and this is also one of the side effects.

    I think your body is still adjusting to it.

  7. I also read about the miracle of a herbal concoction by Rene Caisse called the Essiac tea. I have been reading and researching about this tea and there has been documentation about this by Rene Caisse herself. It was known that Rene was a nurse in Canada and by accident while she was treating an elderly lady with a weird looking scar on her breast. Upon inquiring the lady what story laid behind it, the lady told Rene, she was diagnosed by the doctor to having Breast CA. She had a friend, a shaman from a Native American Indian Tribe who had a herb concoction who could help her. And help he did. Rene initially decided to save the recipe for herself in case she needed it, but Rene's aunt was diagnosed with CA with limited time to live. She brew the tea for her and her aunt somehow got well and loved long enough (gotta check back those detailed facts, for I remember the story in general)

    I have been trying to find the tea locally and fresh herbs but the herbs are indigenous to America. I managed to source a local MLM company who distribute this tea. And the approach of this company is a combination of Gerson, Budwig and Essiac protocol. I will get this Essiac tea this week I hope and hopefully able to post my review on it.

    Keep up the faith. I thoroughly find your blog a blessing and a bible that all of us could hold on to.

  8. Thanks for your information on Essiac tea. Yes, this tea is recommended by some people for cancer treatment.

    Locally you can buy it from Newlife International at SS2.

  9. Yeah.I just bought that tea and finished brewing a bottle just now. Can't wait to try it tomorrow. However what was reported was that the 8 herb was never really the final recipe that Rene used toward the end, it was reported to be the same 4-herb.

    Have you ever incorporate this regimen in your protocol? I was told by the NL ppl that Dr Lynn, the founder of NL actually went to Gerson Clinic in Tijuana (not sure how genuine is the info but when i tested her knowledge by feigning clueless on the clinic location, she anwered me it was in Mexico) which subsequented her protocol to adhere to Gerson. There is also a boutique retreat center in Sabah that does ala Gerson Clinic called Kasih Sayang Center. Looking at the cost, it was affordable, but not sure if they actually do blood test and thorough medical test like what you had in Tijuana. Well I dont know how much you knew about NL though. My apology if most of these infos are merely repetition to your existing knowledge.

  10. I am not sure of the information but she is believed one of the first few people who promoted Gerson therapy and even invited Howard Straus, son of Charlotte Gerson to Malaysia to give a talk on Gerson therapy many years ago.

    No apologies required, in fact I would thank you for sharing, no matter home many times repeated. I did not take the tea.

    I believe when doing a therapy, it should be holistic, meaning it should cover a few areas. It is not good enough that the medication or herbs only fight and kill the cancer cells because for long term survival, it is important to rebuild the cancer patient's immune system which has been compromised. Also when the dead cancer cells are circulating in the blood system, we also need a safe way to get it out of the body which is where detoxing comes in.

    Anyway, there are over a few hundred, if not thousands of alternative therapies. At the end of the day, the patient will have to select one that he or she think will help. What I share in my blog is only a fraction of it, but these are the therapies I would take myself.