Saturday, April 9, 2011

Start Right In The Beginning

Mothers, Take Note - Your Baby is at Risk
Newborn babies often have toxic loads at birth that exceed the toxic loads accumulated during an entire lifetime by previous generation adults. The reason is that numerous toxins are able to pass into the fetus from the mother’s body. A horrific study was recently released. It found 287 chemicals and other toxins in the blood of newborn babies. One of the pesticides that turned up the most was a byproduct of DDT – a pesticide banned in 1972.

They also found:
- 76 chemicals that cause cancer in humans and animals.
- 94 that are toxic to the brain and nervous system.
- 79 that cause birth defects or abnormal development.

So, we’re being poisoned before we take our first breath. The toxic load on a baby combined with toxins in vaccinations is what many people now believe to be the true cause of autism in children. This could also explain why children of a few months old are also capable of having cancer.

If you are a nursing mother, or mother-to-be, I urge you to get the toxins out of your body in order to protect your baby since most toxins will pass into the fetus while inside the womb or into a nursing baby through mother’s milk!!!

Mothers Need to Be Very Careful About How They Detoxify Their Bodies
Zeolite is the only truly safe choice for mothers because any detoxification that actively disrupts toxin storage sites in bodily tissues will cause toxins to be released en masse into the bloodstream.

Pregnant or nursing mothers should not do sauna or “detox diets” because these will release toxins rapidly into the bloodstream. When many toxins enter the bloodstream all at once the eliminatory systems of the body can quickly be overloaded. This results in large amounts of toxins entering into the fetus or nursing baby.

Conversely, zeolite is safe because all it does it capture whatever toxins are circulating in the bloodstream and then carries them safely out of the body.
Please note that anyone who undergoes a detoxification regimen that dumps toxins rapidly into the bloodstream (such as fasting or infrared sauna) would be well advised to simultaneously ingest zeolite several times each day to remove the toxins being released by that regimen before they cause discomfort and damage to the body or, in the case of a mother (or mother-to-be), to the baby.

Note: Zeolite is a Very Safe Form of Detoxification — Ingesting zeolite powder is a safe form of detoxification for mothers since zeolite powder does not break up toxin storage sites. (Breaking up a toxin storage site releases many toxins all at once.)

The Liquid Vs Powder Zeolite Saga Continues
I thought after yesterday's update, that would be the end but I was wrong! As I continue to search for reputable zeolite companies, I found some other information that I believe is important to know as well. Yesterday's update on micronization was from the liquid zeolite camp. Today, I found another argument on micronization from the powder zeolite camp.

We don’t want micronized zeolite because we don’t want the zeolite to be able to go into the blood stream. Some companies state that zeolite should be made small (micronized) so that it can enter into the bloodstream or cross the blood brain barrier. Our position in this regard is that zeolite does not need to enter the blood stream or brain. In fact, we believe that this may be unwise.

Why put the kidneys and liver at risk? Those organs will just have to filter the zeolite out of the blood. Zeolite should work inside the small and large intestines, NOT in the blood. It may not matter for people with healthy kidneys and liver, but, it’s still a risk.

How does Zeolite make contact with toxins in order to trap them?
Zeolite makes contact with the blood as it passes through the villi of the small intestines... while the zeolite is going through the alimentary canal (stomach to small intestines to large intestines) and then out of the body.

There are seven million villi that comprise the lining of the small intestines. These villi are where nutrients are handed off to the blood by the digestive system. More than any other place in the body except the lungs, the villi have intimate contact with the blood (one pint of blood per minute flows through the villi) as the blood comes into the small intestine villi tubules in order to pickup digested (ready-to-use) nutrients.

It is via the intimate blood/food contact of the intestinal villi that zeolite is able to clear the blood of contaminants, as it attracts toxins into it’s negatively charged cage. Then the zeolite powder (and the captured toxins) continues down the gastrointestinal tract and are eliminated as part of the feces. Zeolite never enters the blood stream.

There is even a warning:
Persons with kidney issues shouldn’t take micronized zeolite.


  1. ILife is all full of obstacles up n down. I really admire u. Yr strength and will power. Have u heard o Eco Paradise? a spa for detox??

  2. Indeed life is full of surprises. Cancer is my most difficult teacher and I am not only willing to learn but to change my ways as well.

    I have not heard of Eco Paradise but I did have a check at their website. I believe such spas are meant more for healthy people.

    Speaking of healthy, I was healthy one day and the very next day after my CT scan, I was diagnosed as a stage 4 cancer patient.

    As I have shared with you the above, do not simply detox. Learn about the detox program that you are going to do first. A detoxification regimen that dumps toxins rapidly into the bloodstream will do you more harm than good because your liver and kidneys may not be able to handle the load. You must know how the toxins will be discharged from your body.

  3. Not wanting to sound bad, without cancer, the world will not be blessed with someone like you. Your life took a turn, your loved ones lost you, you lost yourself but thousands wround the world gained you and perhaps benefitred from your sharing each day. God is kind to have used you albeait in a radically different way.

    Be proud of the fact that you are writing a legacy and lighting the path of others in any small way.

    This will hopefully heal you and brighten your days ahead.

  4. Thank you for your kind words. I have gained from other people's sharing and also the support all of you have shown by visiting and sharing of a few words to me along the way.

    I hope in my little ways to help others to find a little direction, some encouragement and comfort in their difficult journey.

  5. Thank you for an informative stance on zeolite. I was a 'liquid' believer for a very long time, but have recently changed my tune. There is some good information and comparisons at www. Zeolite Powder .info. Keep up with the research. I come back here from time to time to see what new you have. :-)

  6. I am glad you found the information useful.