Sunday, April 3, 2011

Seek And You Will Find

An anonymous reader said "Your life is in the hands of God". If that's the case, I hope God quickly decides what He wants to do with me. I have been undergoing this therapy for 18 months now and I am really very tired, physically and mentally. So far, I think I am making little headway, though I am happy that my condition did not deteriorate. So I am taking additional therapy in the hope that the other therapies can help. Someone once said I am a results oriented person and I admit I am. I know there are no KRAs or KPIs here to be fulfilled but the results are the most solid form of encouragement that I get.

Sometime back, I attended a Tibetan Buddhist fellowship and one of the participants is a EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) therapist and he has suggested that I look into this area. He said it can help me deal with my emotional issues and I should learn it to help myself. I only managed to get hold of the book, The EFT Manual by Gary Craig yesterday. I am a man of science and I need to read and understand before I can accept any form of therapy. I am only halfway reading the 87 pages book and I am already convinced there is something that I can learn and use to help myself. But that book is the only beginning as there are more to learn.

Why EFT? I like to quote what Gary said on page 15 of his book (with no disrepect to psychotherapists):

"Some people undergo therapy for months or years for relief from their fears, anger, guilt, grief, depression, traumatic memories, etc. and make little or no headway. So they switch therapists in hopes someone else has "the answer." The results are often the same. They switch again...and again...and again. They spend money. They spend time. They go through emotionally painful sessions. But if anything positive happens for most of these people, it doesn't appear to be much.

To me there was something obviously wrong with the methods used because (1) they weren't working (at least by my standards) and (2) they were painfully slow. Also, I don't mean to imply here that no one gets any help or relief from therapy. That just isn't so. Some do. But in general it is among the slowest, most ineffective sciences on earth.

I was told about a psychologist in Southern California, Dr. Roger Callahan, who was giving people relief from intense fears (phobias) in minutes. So, ever the eager beaver, I called him immediately to inquire of his methods. He told me that his methods weren't limited to just phobias. They applied to all negative emotions.

That included depression, guilt, anger, grief, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and any other negative emotion I could name. Furthermore, the method usually only took minutes to perform and the result was usually permanent.

More information about EFT, please click here.

I was about to engage a psychotherapist sometime this month to help me address some of my negative emotions but after reading Gary Craig's book, I decided to look for a EFT therapist instead. The strangest thing happened yesterday evening when I was attending my TCM class. I was chatting with some students about EFT when one of them told me she is an EFT therapist. Actually, she is more that that. She is also Medical Qi Gong Master plus a host of other holistic qualifications. She has lived in England for over 36 years and now back in Malaysia, she is helping patients in hospitals to overcome the fear of surgery. She immediately offered to help me with EFT. I gladly accepted and thank her profusely, not just because she will not charge me for the sessions, but she has a genuine interest in helping people like me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Jennie Baker. I was looking for an EFT therapist in the afternoon and by evening I found one in my fellow student. Yes, it was not co-incidental because I was looking for her.

My reasons for learning EFT are for two purposes. The first is to help myself deal with my own negative emotions and I would like to use the knowledge that I learned to help others too. Unlike psychotherapy, EFT can be learned by anyone quite quickly. They say it's very easy! I am now looking forward to the next EFT Level 1 course, to be held on 23 April 2011.

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