Sunday, April 17, 2011

It's Not That Simple

Many times I seems like an old record, repeating myself. I think the awareness is still not there yet, so I will continue to repeat. My observations can be wrong but I think when you have cancer, you are on your own. Not that your close friends or loves ones does not want to help, they seem to "stay" away. I think the reason is because they are afraid to recommend whatever therapy since no therapies are guaranteed to work 100%. My observation when I talk to other cancer patients is that I see these poor patients are really clueless. Other than what the doctors tells, they don't have an idea of what other things they can do. Most of the alternative therapies are written in English. If the patient is not English educated, then he or she is really shut out. A further observation is that selection of therapy (whether conventional or alternative) is based on some testimonials of friends. So if the friend said this therapy works, then that's what they will choose, no further reading or checking. What I am saying is this. As a healthy person, this is your best time to learn about the therapies available. When a friend and your loves ones are in need, then you are in a position to help.

A few well meaning friends forwarded me some links about some cancer cures. This time round, it's about lemon. This is not the first time I received such emails. Sometime earlier, I received emails/SMSes about a supplement that boost the Natural Killer Cells (NKC). Sure, NKC kills cancer cells, therefore the more you have the better. This means cancer will not grow. Right? Well, I am sorry to say, Wrong! I last took my blood test in February 2011 and my white blood cells count are normal, just like any other healthy person. Then can someone tell me why are there still so many cancer cells in my body? Let me give you one more example. One of them is the Perodixe therapy that I wrote about in March. The science of the therapy is very good but I purposely left out one detail. Just as many of my friends forwarded cancer curing emails to me, I think as readers we just cannot accept wholesale what other people say. It's not that simple.

What I am trying to say is this, let's learn to ask more questions before we accept. In the NKC case, if you recall in my post What Causes Cancer? - Part 2 , the cancer cells creates a thick protein coating around it resulting in the NKC not being able to recognise the cancer cells. That's why the cancer cells are not attacked. So in order for the NKC to work, we must breakdown the thick protein layer first and for that, we take in pancreatic enzymes. Pancreatic enzymes are responsible for digesting proteins that we consume and also the thick protein layer of the cancer cells. That's why cancer patients take in a lot of pancreatic enzymes. In the Peroxide therapy above, we assumed the Hydrogen Peroxide will be able to get inside the cancer cells. Unfortunately, that's not the case. Again, the thick protein layer prevents that from happening. So what is the solution? Of course, pancreatic enzymes.

Well, I hope the above examples would give you an idea that as readers, you must learn to ask more questions before you accept. It's up to the person trying to sell the supplement to explain. Otherwise, you are just wasting your money on whatever supplements that you are buying.

Tomorrow, I will continue with the topic on combining therapies. For example, the Hydrogen Peroxide therapy must be combined with pancreatic enzymes supplements to be effective.


  1. Dear CT,

    'My observations can be wrong but I think when you have cancer, you are on your own'

    I think in our journey through life, and not only in cancer, we are on our own, in terms of making choices because we know what fits us best. I don't think you would allow anyone to make choices for you if you can help it, would you?
    And all of us face the burden of our own choices, good or bad. We can only share the burden, if you can call it that by helping to read, discuss and share out thoughts and raise our concerns. We all share the same fate. Likewise, would you be able to tell me whether I should have surgery or am I not on my own? What I am trying to say is that you are not as alone as you think though your conditions today maybe more extreme compared to others


  2. Hi CT Chang,

    You have made a very pertinent comment. I tried not to intrude because of my limited knowledge of what to do in cancer cases. Although we can share knowledge but I think this is not enough to really help cure the cancer in the patient.

    I have been reading your write-ups for some time and marvel at your ability to absorb scientific/medical knowledge and to apply them. Only a handful has the ability to do that. I doubt I can. It was with caution that I commented in your posting on "Doing Gerson" but you did not respond. I was afraid that you might take offence in my comment. That was why it took me many days' hesitation before I take up courage to write this here.

    My only purpose commenting was to enquire whether you have come across this booklet about the Thai monk who had cured his cancer through Gerson Therapy. Perhaps this info may lead you to contact the monk for updates.

    Below is the link to my comment:

    Hope you get well soon.

    Justin Choo

  3. Dear Cee,

    I can understand where you are coming from. Compared with other decisions, which cancer therapy to take is the most difficult decision.

    Recently, a friend told me that when his sister had breast cancer, the decision on what therapy to take rests on the husband. The husband has no idea what is available and decided to go with the doctor. She is dead of course. A more recent case, a man was diagnosed with liver cancer and the doctor gave him only two weeks to live. He (nor his wife) has no idea what other treatment is available, so he went for surgery and chemo. He died a painful death within two months. I can go on to quote more cases. The story line is the same. Clueless(patient and close family members). Now I am saying, you can play a role. But you are in position to change the outcome only if you know what therapies are available.

    My cancer has allowed me to meet other people dealing with cancer and also counseling other cancer patients. I have an advantage because so far, I have not died. What I says carries some weight and I can tell, some cancer patients and their loves ones are willing to listen. Imagine what power you have, if you are the spouse, son, daughter, brother or sister to the patient? You can also choose to sit by and watch. However, this power does not come free. You have to read and research.

    What I am trying to say is that have a mindset change. It don't have to be that way.

  4. Dear Justin,

    Thank you for your comments. If you now comment on my 10 month's ago post, I may not be aware of it and hence did not reply. I do not take offense on whatever a reader writes.

    I know not everybody is able to understand fully how some alternative therapies work. But what is important is that the seed of awareness has been planted. I believe you know more about alternative therapies than before. You may not know fully the alternative therapies, but you know there are success stories out there and know where to get more information and help.

    I read your post and I can't tell fully if the monk did the full Gerson therapy, perhaps it would be more appropriate to call modified Gerson Therapy. There are insufficient details on certain treatments (like what minerals and supplements taken) and how many and what type juices are consumed. Also, some treatment are not within the protocol and still some treatment required by Gerson protocol are not done.

    Whatever it is, I am very happy that another person have survived cancer.

  5. Hi Justin,

    After further reading the ebook "Close To Nature" by Kittiyano Bikkhu, I must say he did follow the Gerson protocol as close as possible.

    I also noticed that in his food preparation, he used "three-in-one" soy sauce and palm sugar (which are not permitted under the protocol) but will make the food taste very good.

    In any case, I think the patient knows what's best for himself.

  6. Dear CT,

    'Imagine what power you have, if you are the spouse, son, daughter, brother or sister to the patient? You can also choose to sit by and watch. However, this power does not come free. You have to read and research.'

    I sense you wish for that. My question to you is this, of the people you have met and known so far, how many people have that capability and tenacity? How many people are up to taking that challenge? How many people are that empowered?


  7. Hi CT,

    Thank you for your assurance and response. I shall continue to be your regular visitor as long as I am welcome.

  8. Dear Cee,

    My answer to your question is not how many. Will you do it?

    So far, in my dealings, three patients have agreed to my suggestion (50% success), including a 72 year old women. Some of them don't understand English, so I explained the therapy in Cantonese and Mandarin. I don't hope to convince everyone, but if there is one person out there who is willing to do, then a difference is made.

  9. Dear CT,

    I think you have missed the point.


  10. Dear Cee,

    The point is that people who knows, don't want to do it. I know because I have spoken to many.

    I am not interested in the others but what you would do. You are learned and are now aware of the choices. If your love ones has cancer (please pardon me for using this analogy) and has no idea what to do, would you wait for him or her to empower you?

    Anyway, my intention is very clear. If you can make a difference, then you should seize the opportunity. Enough said.

  11. Dear CT,

    Yes I agree. Enough said because you still miss the point


  12. Dear CT,

    I asked you a few questions from what you wrote in your blog. Unfortunately, you seem to think that I am questioning your approach. If anything were to happen to my loved ones, I would read all I can to help them and not sit and watch. And I would have done the same for you.


  13. hi ct, did u read my message on sat. re the eco paradise in ss15. jasmine

  14. ct, just monitor ourselves. Nobody can understand how we feel. Only we can help ourselves. I understand how u feel. Hv confident in yrself. Live for the present..when u think too much it makes u more tired n restless. i off my hp n no visitor for 1 yr. I just monitor and take care of myself. Be strong....jasmine