Friday, April 8, 2011

At Cross Roads

Yesterday was a really tiring day for me. I woke to at 8.30am and just when I was about to alight from my bed, I noticed my whole body, especially the back is in pain. I don't know what happened but still I got to get up and work on my daily routine. Lately, I also have this feverish feeling just before lunch and in the afternoon till dinner time. After lunch, I remember what happened. On Wednesday, I spent over 3 hours cleaning the room, throwing out old files and unwanted materials and also mopping the floor. That's why my whole body ached.

Lately, I have researched and posted a few articles on complementary therapies, some of which I intent to put into use. I will begin to add and amend to the Gerson therapy as and when the time comes. How do I know when is the correct time? I don't. I just observed my body and then tell from there. I will also rely on my survival instincts. Of course, there is no guarantee that the new complementary therapies that I chosen will help but it does not matter. If I don't change, my present condition will not change. I believe I have reached a plateau in terms of my therapy.

The therapies that I have or going to use:
1. Added Therapies
a. Low Dose Naltrexone (started)
b. Dextrorotatory Lactic Acid (to start next week)
2. Amended Therapies
a. Cottage cheese + flaxseed oil diet* (instead of just flaxseed oil, to start next week)
b. Zeolite detox (in place of coffee enema, possibly to start in May)

Note *: In the Budwig Wellness Center, they even reported that cancer patients add a pinch of Celtic salt to it! Is sea salt (unrefined) or Himalayan salt permitted in alternative cancer therapies? There are as usual, two camps. But ordinary salt is definitely a no-no for both camps.

If the additional therapies does not work, will it deteriorate my present condition? I don't think it will. One main reason is that my present anchor Gerson therapy has sort of stabilised my condition. The additional therapies should improve rather than make it worst. Worst case I believe, nothing bad happens. Most of the additional therapies that I have chosen are potent but rather safe, does not clash or produce much side effects.

Update On Zeolite Detox
I was searching for some reputable online store to check out the zeolite mineral when I came across an article by a wellness practitioner that belong to the liquid zeolite camp. She mentioned something very interesting and I think is important to know as well not withstanding the "war" between the powder and liquid zeolite companies.

According to her, the liquid zeolite are manufactured under macroionization process that reduces the zeolite's molecule to the size where it can be suspended and renders it small enough to be absorbed and later exceeded through the bloodstream. The macroionization is an expensive process and if a liquid zeolite carries a small price tag, you can bet it has not been macronized small enough to do your tissues any good. However, according to the product description, each bottle of liquid zeolite carries only 24mg of zeolite mineral.

On the other hand, powder zeolite is reduced into small particle form and it is this same particles that are used by researches in the clinical trials. Further, the amount of powder zeolite mineral used in the trials ranges from 4,000mg to 15,0000mg. Hence a bottle of liquid zeolite consisting of only 24mg of zeolite and the dosage of 45 drops a day is not going to be effective. On the other hand, each teaspoon of powder zeolite is 5gm or 5,000mg and taking 3 teaspoon a day is closer to the dosage used in the clinical trials.

I have written to the manufacturer of the powder zeolite to inquire about the size of the powder zeolite particles and whether it is small enough to enter the bloodstream. Otherwise, the powder zeolite do prove to be effective in pulling heavy metals from the gut, but it has no power beyond that.

I will provide an update once the powder zeolite manufacturer replies.


  1. Have you gotten the cottage cheese? or you stick with the home made CC?
    There is a wonderful yahoo groups to educate and share about Dr Budwig protocol. A very active group with many interesting testimonials from its members.

    I have also read about oleander and Sutherland to be effective. In the official SutherlandiaOPC website there was even testimonial with pictures of a Breast CA survivor.

    Last week I was saddened by my cousin's friend whose mother succumbed to Lung Cancer. She underwent chemo about a year plus ago and was declared stable since a year back. Suddenly she just couldnt breath well and admitted and moved on.

    Stay strong and ur always in my prayer.

  2. Well, I still have not been able to find an organic non fat (or low fat) unsalted cottage cheese locally, so I will have to make my own.

    As for the Budwig protocol, I am only following the cottage cheese+flax seed diet and not the complete protocol. So, in this sense I am on my own though I would love to know what and how others are doing. I will check out the sites that you mentioned.

    I am sorry to hear about your cousin's friend and the sad truth is that once you have cancer, you have it for life. It will come back anytime if the patient does not change lifestyle.

    Thank you for your prayers and I thank you for your encouragement and support. It means a lot to me.

  3. Hey CT,

    You can check out the Budwig group at In fact I find the testimonials and information laden however i couldn't find much on tumours on the neck and throat that I am currently having :-(

    This is the Oleander and sutherlandia herbs that I was talking about

    May I ask where'd you get your juicer? coz the cheapest I have seen was Rm1200++> You think it's possible to get below RM1k?

    Plus I have problem to follow this freshly pressed juice preparation if I am at work. Even to consume Hippocrates Soup for lunch.

    Is organic brown rice okay for consumption? Let's say I cooked them with some vegies thrown in together into the rice cooker?