Friday, April 1, 2011

My Choices

Space, the final frontier. Beautiful isn't it? One of my other passion is astronomy.

The irony for me is that despite being on alternative therapy, I am still as lost on the selections available, though not as bad as in the beginning. Yesterday afternoon, I was having lunch with my brother and sisters, they confessed that if they had cancer, they are not sure what treatment they would take. This is because they have been brainwashed all these years on conventional medication and selecting alternative treatment is not an easy decision.

In my current quest for an adjunct therapy and in my research on the various alternatives that can complement Gerson therapy, I also found so many complementary therapies. Every major one that I stumbled upon seems a good choice. Some even said Gerson therapy is a past therapy. Anyway I must admit, what I posted is biased towards to my own case because I am trying to treat myself and not somebody else.

I think many now knows that treating cancer is a costly affair and can run into hundreds of thousands depending on the therapy chosen. It' s a fallacy to think alternative therapy is the "cheaper" version. Depending on the alternative therapy chosen, it can be quite cheap (when compared to conventional medicine) but do not forget, alternative therapy normally takes more time to see results. Those on organic food have realised that the prices of food costs at least three times more expensive than normal food. In Malaysia, most organic foods are imported and the costs of these foods can take a heavy toll on the wallet. Some of my friends said, there is no harm is trying this or that alternative therapy. I told him, I don't agree. Why? Because my cash resources are limited. If I spent the money on A therapy, then I cannot do B therapy. When I spoke to the censium chloride consultant, the first thing he told me is the recommendation he gives will depend on how much I can afford. Straight to the point. He knows because he spoke to probably thousands of patients. So, the bottom line is that one must select the therapy that he or she thinks will be the best and within his or her budget.

But unfortunately, there are no reports that rate and compare these alternative therapies. At the same time I know each therapy out there has its own successes and followers. When I first started Gerson therapy, it was by chance that I saw it first. However, if I had seen something else like the Budwig or Bill Hendeson's therapy, I could have chosen them over Gerson just because I saw it first. This is because I NEVER once bothered to read of any such alternatives in my pre-cancer days, so I don't know what kind of alternatives are available out there. When I got cancer, after three weeks has passed and I was still without any therapy, I became desperate. Sure, my friends emailed and recommended this or that but after reading, I was not convinced it was for me.

Now, 18 months later on, I am still not sure of the next adjunct therapy that I should take. However, those that I mentioned in my blog are considered shortlisted by me. I must acknowledge some friends helped in pointing out some of the therapies. This is not to say the other alternatives not mentioned are not good. For example, two of them that deserves special mention are IV vitamin C and vitamin B17. For vitamin B17, the Gerson Clinic in Mexico said it is not effective on kidney cancer. I believe each person would need to research on his or her own case and by instincts would get a feel that this therapy is right for him or her.

This may sound like experimentation. Sure, I think all alternative therapies are experimentation because each cancer patient is different.

Well, I think the adjunct therapies that I think I will do are:
1. Dextrorotatory Lactic Acid (using Pleo-SANUVIS* Drops 100ml/ Acidum L(+)-lacticum)
2. Budwig flax seed + cottage seed diet and possibly
3. Sodium bicarbonate bath

Backup Therapy:
1. Censium chloride

Note: * This drops can be obtained from your homeopathy practitioner. Unfortunate for me, my practitioner does not have stock, so I have to import from Greece.

Wish me luck.


  1. Space is a mighty frontier, the beauty camouflaged by the deep mysteries of the unknown. Man's quest to try to understand everything and always trying to figure out the infinite is a chief weakness; a human condition.

    Just be a human "being" and embrace the hands of the Creator. Your life is in the hands of God. We must all prepare well for the journey home.

    You have your own views and ideas about things. I hope for the sake of your soul that you are right.

  2. I know you meant well for my after life.

    If you can prove that the Buddha's teaching is wrong, I will gladly change.

  3. Such a hypocrite to delete the earlier comment.

    What a shame!

  4. I wonder what you are talking about?

    I do NOT delete any comments posted by the readers whether they are in my favor or not.

    Since day 1, I have NEVER deleted a single comment!