Friday, April 22, 2011

Pain In The Back

Perhaps I was too quick in the assessment of my backache. This morning, my back pain is back. The pain disturbs me around 4-5am and as I result, I will be awake, tossing and turning for a comfortable position to continue sleep. If this continues, its going to be a problem for me because I will only able about 3-4 hours of sleep every night. I will get tired very easily during the daytime. I will take some camomile tea and see if it helps me to sleep much earlier.

I did some reading on some medical books and noted that the tumor in the T6 area does cause some pain. The recommendation is to have surgery to remove the tumor or taking dosage of some conventional medicine (which I will not do for now). At the time of discovery one year ago, the tumor measured 3.5cm and I am not sure if the tumor grew. But if the back pain persists, I will have to think of alternatives on how to manage the pain or consult my conventional doctor.

Yesterday, I was feeling quite hungry at about 2.30pm, only after about 1 hour after my lunch. I was wondering what to eat. I decided to catch up with my emails when I received an email from Liz. She is really nice, after learning of my poor appetite, gave me a recipe to try out. Since I was hungry, I did not wait till dinner time and immediately tried it out. I got hold of what ever ingredients I can and began preparing the meal. Wow, it was one of the better meal that I had for a long time. If I had lemon, I think it would taste even better. You must be wondering why not cook differently everyday? I would love to, but I think it does takes a lot of efforts and I do feel tired. So laziness = boring meals. I don't know how those people who manage to work during the daytime and then rush home to prepare meals for the family. It must be really tiring.

My coughing is back again. Last night while I was lying down to sleep, I was coughing profusely as if trying to expel something from my lungs. Luckily, there was no pain. Neither was there any phlegm.


  1. I am so happy you enjoyed your meal. Maybe can get your mum to prepare for u the next time. It is tiring for me too, so my mum helps me out a few days a week n the balance, I prepare them which is a nice balance. I pray many others will approach u with easy tasty meals. Sourness does bring better appetite. :)

  2. Hi CT,

    I was editting my article and came across this book on Gerson Therapy Recipes. If you have not seen this yet, maybe you may like to take look.

  3. Hi Justin,

    I have all the Gerson books and hence also the recipes. I don't think it is not so much the recipes. I would sure like to cook the way they do at the Gerson clinic but it is quite difficult if you are doing it alone, like in my case.

    Luckily, my mother helps me out with lunch and dinner preparation but I would not want to burden her with special recipes. She is already very old. So when I want something special, I cook myself, otherwise, it's standard menu.

    I would like to thank you and Liz for your suggestions.

  4. re; simple meals. hv u heard of organic rest. there r 2. 1 is opposite ss17 police station n 1 is at end of ssi8 medifoods. I hv frequent these 2 shops after my cemo i.e. 4 yrs now. U can taupau the vege soup which is free - just enough for 1 meal - we cant be greedy,right? it is vege soup without oil. I usually add some miso (which is good for us), add extra own vege and some misua and add some flaxseed oil. That's my dinner - before 6pm. Then take some enyzme n off to bed at 8pm. I get up at 4.30am. Mr lee is the owner of medifoods and he is very helpful n knowledgeable. I also ask for free soup. I am always hv my lunch there-lui chai. There is a liver cancer patient by the name of Koon. He is there to buy organic vege for 2 yrs aldy. no cemo no surgery and he is on gerson threpy...very strict. He is fine except his face is quite yellowish. Dare not ask more..he looks quite reserve.

  5. I do know about these two restaurants. However, what you should know about the Gerson therapy that I am following is that my diet consists of no salt, no sugar, no oil, no soy sauce, no proteins, no wheat flour in fact many other no nos. I do frequent these restaurants and buy much of my vegetables and fruits from them.

    However, I do visit these restaurants (I ate there this afternoon) but I have to make special order. I can't eat their standard cooking style. They will cook my special order of no salt, no sugar, no oil and no soy sauce. Anyway, sometimes when I am lazy or too hungry to cook, I will go there and eat.

    Yes, many thousands of people have survived using Gerson therapy over the last 80 years. Perhaps, the next time when you are there and you see a thin guy with shoulder length hair, that's me.

  6. Hey CT,

    Found this link that you might be interested in. guess you can omit some of the ingredients that like salt with k-salt etc..

    the pics are already making my mouth watering..