Saturday, April 16, 2011

When It Rains, It Pours

Recently, a reader by the name of Jasmine posted two comments on my blog. She also mentioned that she is a cancer survivor for 5 years now. I would appreciate if Jasmine could write to me and tell me about her story, how she managed to overcome cancer. I am very keen to learn from cancer survivors what and how they did it. It's really encouraging to people like me who has been struggling to stay afloat. I would like to post your story so that we not only can learn, but gives us encouragement and hope as well. If you are a cancer survivor, I would like to hear from you too and share your success story.

Since I started taking 20gms of non fat yogurt (with < 1% sugar added), I feel my chest area and both my shoulder blade area is a little painful. Could it be due to that or just a co-incidence because I do have such pains every now and then? I will stop eating yogurt to start taking cottage cheese. I have been trying very hard to put on weight but with no success. I have not weigh myself for almost four months now and I believe my weight to be around 60-62kg range.

My lungs are clear and not giving me any problems. The phlegm is also becoming clearer with less or almost no traces of blood stains. Hope it stays that way. However, at times I do feel my chest is a little compressed and some pain around my right rib cage area. This morning, the pain was disturbing. As for my kidney tumor, I can still feel the mass. I can't sleep on my right side now because my body weight when pressed against the kidney tumor, it would cause a little pain.

This weekend, I will start to make the cottage cheese and thereafter start the Budwig cottage cheese + flax seed oil diet.


  1. William Li: Can we eat to starve cancer?

  2. I wrote and posted about William's anti-angiogenesis in my blog on 1 June 2010,

    Thanks but I would want to let you know it's not that simple.

  3. i am not good in computer. anyway, my email is I hv been following yr blog for a long time. It gives me strength n satisfaction in life. My life is tough. I am a hawker getting up at 4am and finish work at 5 0r 6pm. I wish u all the best,jasmine

  4. Dear Jasmine,

    Cancer does not discriminate and happens to people of different backgrounds. According to the American Cancer Society report in 2008, there are over 20,000 new cancer cases worldwide everyday!

    Life is never easy for some of us but I can assure you, if you think your life is tough, that is because you have not seen other people worst than you. So, be thankful that you are now alive and well.

    Thanks for your support and I will contact you for some details. May you be well and happy always.