Monday, April 11, 2011

19 Months And Counting

I have just survived 19 months and today I begin my 20th month in therapy. I am happy to have reach this milestone and look forward to many more months to come, especially in November when I will embark on my 2nd pilgrimage to India.

I have been coughing a bit more in the mornings and evenings as I retire to bed. Otherwise I feel quite good. My shipment of Pleo Sanuvis drops should arrive from Greece this week and I will begin my Dextrorotatory Lactic Acid (pH re-balancing) therapy and the cottage cheese + flax seed oil diet. I have also started intake of 20gms of non-fat yogurt a day in my diet. I finally managed to find a non fat (with < 1% sugar added) yogurt from Australia.

My only complaint is my back. I have been having backache for more than a month now, and only happens when I am about to wake up in the morning. I am still trying to figure out what caused the backache.

India Pilgrimage Update
Two weeks ago, I revisited my preliminary schedule by logging into the India Railway online portal to check on the train schedules. I am taking a bit more precautions in this trip because there is still over 7 months to go and I am not sure what my condition will be when the time comes. Of course, I am hoping I will be in the pinkest of health. Anyway, I need to make sure all information captured in my plan is as current as possible, what trains are available, the timing, etc. This schedule is almost final. Detailed information will be published sometime in August 2011.

Day 1 (Sat 19/11) – Arrive New Delhi 1.30pm. Depart for Gaya at 22.20pm. Overnight in train. Distance: 990kms, 14h40m.
Day 2/3 (Sun 20/11) – Arrive at Gaya 1.30pm, then to Bodhgaya by jeep. 2 nights stay at Root Institute. Bodhgaya is the place where Buddha attained enlightenment. Other sites will include Nalanda University ruins, Vulture's peak, and Sujata Village.
Day 4 (Tue 22/11) – Depart Gaya for Varanasi by train at 1.00pm. One night stay in hotel. Distance: 220kms, 4h16m. This is the famous Hindu site by the Ganges river.
Day 5 (Wed 23/11) – Varanasi to Sarnath by Jeep. Day Trip. Take cab from Sarnath back to Varanasi for night train to Gorakhpur. Overnight in train. Distance: 231kms, 7h25m. Sarnath is the place where Buddha preached his first sermon.
Day 6/7 (Thu 24/11) – Gorakhpur to Lumbini, Nepal by Jeep/Taxi. Two nights stay at Tibetan monastery. Lumbini is the place where Buddha was born.
Day 8 (Sat 26/11) – Lumbini (via Gorakhpur) to Kushiniaga by cab. Overnight at Sri Lankan Japan Monastery. Kushiniaga is the place where Buddha passed away into Nivarna.
Day 9 (Sun 27/11) – Kushniaga by cab to Gorakpur and to New Delhi by train. Overnight in train. Distance: 782kms, 13h30m.
Day 10 (Mon 28/11) – New Delhi to Agra. Day trip by Cab. Overnight in hotel. Agra is the place where the famous Taj Mahal is located.
Day 11 (Tue 29/11) – Visit beautiful New Delhi in the day and depart for KLIA at 10.30pm.

The group will meet sometime in July 2011 to discuss and finalise some options before the bookings are done in August.


  1. May I offer a suggestion to solve the non-fat yogurt solution that is cheap and inexpensive.

    What I do is to make yogurt at home with a yogurt maker called Smart Bean Electric Yogurt maker. I bought mine for about S$70. All I need to do is to buy 1 liter milk from the supermarket, add some yogurt with the good bacteria and run it for 10 hours. It gives me a full week of supply. I use some remaining yogurt and a new one liter milk to make another one. I use full milk but I presume you can use non-fat milk as well.

    In the long run it is cheaper than buying from the supermarket and you can design your own bacteria repertoire by adding probiotics that you prefer.

  2. Hi Tony,

    Thanks for your suggestion. I think the main problem is the milk source. What I require is organic and fat free. Most milk that are supplied in the supermarkets are not fat free (but low fat) and of course non organic.

    Anyway, my yogurt diet is only temporary until I start the non fat unsalted cottage cheese+flax seed oil diet. The cottage cheese will be self made and the milk source is from organic skim milk.