Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Let's Be Better Informed

I noticed that my coughing happens at night, in the morning and also when I do my enemas. This means when I lie down, I cough but not when I am sitting. Also, of late my phlegm has started to become clearer, less blood stains.

There are different causes for a cough, particularly one that worsens when you are lying down. Often a cough that is worse when you are lying down is caused by acid reflux, or acid from the stomach backing up into your throat. Other reasons for a cough that worsens while lying down may be the post-nasal drip from a cold, or bronchitis or asthma. According to American Family Physician, coughing while lying down is sometimes the only symptom of a bronchial obstruction. If you have frequent bouts of bronchitis, your doctor may consider a diagnosis of asthma. I think in my case, it could be due to acid reflux.

Expensive Cancer Treatments
Recently, my friend has asked me to assist a friend of his. I received an email from my friend's friend and she said "...CC whose sister age 46, has been diagnosed recently with lung cancer stage IV and which I understand has spread to her bones and spleen. I guess she would be able to tell you more when she contacts you. She is busy lately trying to secure some funds for her sister's treatment so I guess she would be contacting you once she is available."

I am indeed sad for the whole of last week, I received notification of four cancer cases! One of them is a 26 year old women, two months into pregnancy. Yes, curing cancer is a multi-billion industry and I am also sadden when I read that people have to try so hard to raise funds to cure cancer.

Anyway, I am no doctor but I do have a little experience and also some information about alternative treatment. I believe conventional medicine has no role to play in view of her condition. I suggested to her that one don't need hundreds of thousands to start alternative treatments. Just RM10K-15K (US$3.3K-US$5K) to start off will do. Don't wait because her condition is deteriorating by the day. By the way, I do not charge anything for my services.

There are many cheap and yet potent alternative therapies out there and today I will share a few of them.

The Bill Henderson Protocol (less than US$200 a month)

This treatment uses the Budwig Diet at its base, but adds a number of important supplements to it. If you buy Bill's book (Beating Cancer Gently) you can get telephone support for a one-time fee of less than $200 (this is optional). This is a very superb cancer treatment and it contains its own cancer diet. See: Bill Henderson Website.

Robert Barefoot Calcium Protocol (includes Calcium and Cesium)

This treatment may have some upfront costs, but it is a highly proven treatment.

See: the article about this protocol.

Dr. Matthias Rath Cellular Solution (includes Vitamin C)

(ONLY for cancers which are internal or external tissue-based)

This treatment does NOT apply to leukemia and other cancers of the blood. This is a treatment for when there is a mass of cancer cells.

See: Article on this protocol.

Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D. Diet

This is a carrot-juice based treatment which was designed by a medical doctor who cured her own breast cancer.

See: Article on this protocol.

Bob Beck Protocol (ONE TIME COST of between $250 and $800)

There is an up front cost to this electromedicine equipment, but the equipment can be used over and over again.

In many cases, the reason a person has cancer is that their immune system has been suppressed. Perhaps the main reason immune systems are suppressed (other than chemotherapy) is microbes. Microbes block the ability of the immune system to communicate and create neuropeptides (e.g. interferon).

The Bob Beck Protocol is one of the most potent of all cancer treatments, however, it cannot be used by a lot of people because they are on potent prescription drugs, so it is frequently not used until a patient is in remission and off of their potent prescription drugs.

If you buy the equipment, it costs about $800, but if you build it yourself, or have a friend build it, it is much cheaper. See: Bob Beck Protocol.

If you are wondering why I did not do the above therapies? Well that was because I did not know about them at that time. When you are told you have cancer, your mind freezes. You think your world is coming to an end, where on earth do you have the rationale to think about this or that? This is why friends and care givers are very important. They have the ability to help out. This is why I am researching and sharing.

The Gerson Therapy and the Budwig diet are not that cheap to follow. It costs about RM6K (US$2K) a month to maintain these protocols. When my funds run out, I will have to take a different route too. Even now, you would have sensed that I am mixing and combining my therapies.


  1. You may not be a doctor but in life, what is important is for all of us to be able to reach out and help others on the journey through life. Many rush through life distracted by other worldly pursuits and it is not until everything else, that used to be so-called 'important' to us then, is stripped away, that we come to realise that fundamentally, we are pure humans, vulnerable and fragile. We should all do good to help others rather than exploit our brothers and sisters, belittling the dignity or others.

    I read a lot of humility within your blog and I recognise that your journey is not an easy one. Looking on the brighter side, you have been 'gifted' to touch many more lives, in any which way you can, and in the process help lighten the burdens of others a little.

    This aspect I can relate to. But permit me to comment, your blog gets too complicated for me, when you sound like a 'doctor', mate!

    One question, if not for cancer awakening, would you have ever walked this path?

  2. You are not the first to comment that my writings have become too technical. I tried to as far as possible to "simplify" as I understand but at the same time I am afraid to miss out the important details.

    I never knew I had the ability to read and digest such articles and as I have said before, in my pre-cancer days, I could not be bothered reading any of these things.

    However, I did planned that after I retire, I would study acupuncture to treat old folks as part of my giving back to society. Well, this cancer has brought my plans forward.

  3. I thot of u last night n said to myself..I think I will cross ct's path again in 10 years time n u r doing tcm as a profession and we would smile n encourage each other that we made it. :) it wasn't the first time I thot of this so thot I'd share w u. :) u r constantly in my prayers. God is with you. Of course I hope we can meet up again sometime n not have to wait 10 years but that is the confidence I have in my spirit for u. Acupuncture eh? :)