Thursday, April 14, 2011

Another Quiet Day

I will do a short post today. Apparently at 10am, there will be a power cut and will last until 6pm this evening. So what I did was to pack some juices earlier and hope the electric supply will come back earlier. When you are doing the Gerson therapy, one of the worst thing that can happen is when there is no electric supply. Sigh...

I am now doing a simple IT home project. I am trying to boost my Wifi receiver for my PC and notebook. It also called a "Poor Man's WiFi" so called "WIFRY","WOKFI" or "WOKTENNA" using simple tools. The phrase "Poor Man" is not usually considered insulting, but indicates (possibly with a degree of DIY pride) a desire to "make it do, use it up, wear it out" while laterally solving a problem. What's the purpose of this gadget? Most Wifi receiving range is about 20-50meters only. Well, with that simple parabolic dish, you can receive Wifi signals from 3Kms away provided the Line of Sight (LOS) is clear, meaning no obstructions like building or trees in between. In the picture on your left, the parabolic dish is actually a Chinese mee scoop and you also need a USB Wifi adapter and some USB extension cable. That's it. If you like to see more of such contraption or how to build one, please see here .

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