Monday, April 4, 2011

Painful Sunday

The LDN that I am taking at 11pm is still making me feel quite awake and most of the time I only drift into sleep past midnight. As I result, I also get up later, most days at 9am and at times even 10am. For the past three weeks or so, I am getting not only backache but also a very dry throat and mouth which taste a little bitter. Well, I guess that is a small price to pay for my condition.

Yesterday, my kidney tumor was misbehaving. During the morning enema, I experienced throbbing dull pain on the back of my body. Later in the afternoon, it repeated and when I did my evening enema, the pain oscillated at my right back area.

This morning, I took a pH of my saliva and the reading was 7, not bad. I think I need a more systematic method of measuring my baseline pH reading. The reading can vary if you have brushed the teeth and taken some food. So I will take my reading immediately when I wake up.

EFT Update
I contacted the EFT trainer last Saturday to inquire the next EFT level 1 course. He replied and also invited me to join in his monthly EFT gathering (people who have completed his level 1 and 2 courses) yesterday afternoon so that I can understand EFT better. He also gave a free talk on stress and EFT can do to help managed stress. I took the opportunity to find out more about EFT and later when he learned about my condition, he felt that EFT will be very beneficial for me. He also sensed that I had a lot of problems in my chest area even though I did not tell him about my lungs tumors. He taught me my first EFT tapping session on how to manage my pain on my butt. Did it work? Well, I felt the pain has somewhat subsided.

At the gathering, I also met two of my TCM classmates! Well, later I found out that they have also enrolled in other holistic courses. Being retired, they just wanted to make themselves useful and help people with the knowledge that have learned. Last week in my TCM class, I also met back an ex-colleague of 16 years. He just joined the class. I guess there are many people learning new skills to help themselves and others as well. When you are at the right places, you will meet plenty of such people.

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