Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Choppy Seas Ahead?

The last week or so, my back has been killing me. This pain appears from below the shoulder blade area to the waist and only happens early in the morning. So by 4-5am, the pain would wake me up. I thought it was only the softness of my bed but I did put in a plank to support my back. The result is still the same. Could this pain be from the tumor at the T6 area? Yesterday night, I slept on a firmer natural rubber mattress. What is the result? The back pain has reduced somewhat 90%.

The compression around my chest area also did not subside. There pressure seems to be building up inside and light pain can be felt around the both rib areas, although it is not causing me any breathing problems. But when I lie down to sleep, my heartbeat becomes irregular. I feel that something bad is going to happen in the future. Meanwhile, I will take more oxygen therapy throughout the day to see if my condition improves or not.

Still no sign of my shipment from Greece. I am not sure if the local customs will impound the shipment. Keeping my fingers crossed. If that happens, I will have to either use the local source or think of other ways to secure the next shipment, maybe via Singapore. I am keen to rebalance my pH. Yesterday I managed to make my first cottage cheese from organic skim milk. I must admit, it is really simple to make cottage cheese but I made a mistake when heating the milk. I forgot that the temperature was 120°F (or just under 49°C). Instead I thought it was 120°C and only realised when the temperature reached 70°C. Other than that, the whole process was expected. I used about 2 liters of milk (from 140g of milk powder) and 3/8 cup of apple cider vinegar. The result is about 1/2 a cup of cottage cheese. Good enough for me to start.

Recently, a reader by the name of Justin sent me a link about a venerable monk, Kittiyano Bhikkhu in Thailand doing the Gerson therapy in 2007. I have also been interested in how other people are doing Gerson therapy on their own (or with the assistance of their local professional). The book is an easy read and well documented. I am amazed that a venerable monk would go through the coffee enema and take pictures of himself in the process. Of course, I noted there are some differences in his protocol when compared to the protocol that I am doing. Not just the supplements but the very diet itself. I also sensed that the venerable monk was very diligent in doing the therapy (as can be seen from his physical appearance in the photographs). I am also particularly impressed with the cooking style that he adopted. When I look back at my present regime, I also realised that I have settled down to a boring routine and also not as diligent when compared to when I first started. I was not as creative as the venerable in preparing the food. Despite my strict adherence to the protocol, my results is pale in comparison with that of the venerable monk. He saw results within 3 months (80% reduction of cancer) and as for me, after 19+ months, I don't even know if I will live two months down the road.

That's why I like to read other people's story, it gives me a sense of hope but at the same time, I am also disappointed with my own progress, but I am not discouraged. Have I been successful? No, the bulk of my tumors are still there. So I must have failed? No, I did not die either. As far as Gerson therapy is concerned, I don't know what more I can do? I am looking for additional potent therapies that I can do. As I said towards the end of last year, 2011 will be a very difficult year for me. Someone once said to me that I look desperate trying this or that. I admit, she is right. All these self complaining will not help me. I will try some of the venerable's food preparation, a radical departure from my daily food routine. Thank you Justin for the link. Anyway, the show must go on.

One therapy that I learned from Kittiyano Bhikkhu's book Close to Nature is organo therapy. I did some Google searches and most of the sites listed are in German. From what little I learned so far, I am intrigued with what I found out.

Organotherapy is the branch of Homeopathy that makes remedies from healthy tissues from animals raised and harvested in a carefully controlled environment. The use of these remedies is based on the idea that organs respond to like tissues, no matter what species their origin, as long as there is similarity. This has been demonstrated experimentally as well. Every living organ is capable of recognizing its own signature and responding. This is a tissue memory, and it stimulates the exact reproduction of the cells of the tissue.

I think I will research more about this complimentary treatment and consult my local homeopathy practitioner for more information.


  1. Hi CT,

    I am following you very closely. Unfortunately I can only give you my undivided moral support. As you are a well-informed Buddhist, I shall from today onwards, especially before I sleep, "transmit" my metta for you. You will be sleeping soundly by then, for I sleep very late past 12.

    May I humbly suggest that you may want to consider paying the Ven Monk a visit and also the Gerson centre in Thailand. I think this will help in your search for a speedy recovery.

    If you are unable to contact him, or wish to have an introducer, I think you can contact Than Hsiang @ http://thanhsiang.org/ch/contact_us

  2. Dear Justin,

    As far as the Gerson therapy is concerned, I am already following the original therapy under supervision of the Mexico clinic.

    The additional therapy if I want to consider is the Organo therapy but from what I read, this is quite intensive and logistically, it would be difficult for me to relocate to Bangkok or Chiangmai. In fact way back in November 2009, a friend of mine has arranged for me to do the Gerson therapy in Chiangmai but I declined. Anyway, I found out that some local homeopathy practitioners have experience in Organo therapy.

    I would like to visit and pay my respects to Bhante Kittiyano but under my present condition, it would be difficult for me to travel over 3 or 4 days without my therapy.

    Anyway, I thank you for your concern.

  3. i would like to read the monk's book too. where can i find it.

    I know some guy in chaing mai doing the gerson therapy for some other condition other than cancer.

    i think Chang you are doing well in keeping all your options open. My sister is just a day or two from pasting as i write. She was a give to her life to the doctors person. I think you once posted as a type 1 cancer patient. Gerson may not have got the quick results like others but if you had not done gerson , you would not be here today.

  4. Dear John,

    If you are keen to read the story of the monk, please visit Justin's blog http://hubpages.com/hub/alternative_cancer_treatment_gerson_therapy and you can download the book here http://thanhsiang.org/ch/files/close%20to%20nature.pdf

    I am sorry to hear about your sister. Take care.