Friday, April 15, 2011

Doing What I Can

My shipment from Greece has yet to arrive. I guess I will have to wait for another week. I managed to get an alternative source from a local homeopathy practitioner but the potency seems to be different from what is recommended. If I can use the local source, my costs would drop by 90%! What I will do is when the shipment arrive, I will analyse the contents and talk to my local homeopathy practitioner to see if they are equivalent or not.

Last few days, I have been coughing a little more but the phlegm is while and not blood stained. However, I also noticed some pain around my right rib cage area, just below my armpit.

The LDN is making me very alert every night and I can only sleep past 12 midnight and because of that, I am now waking up at 9am. I am quite sleepy in the mornings and kind of refused to wake up but at the same time I also know I am already late to start my day's activities.

The Zeolite Saga
It's not easy with so much different information being given by the liquid and the powder zeolite camps to decide which is the "right" one to buy.

Recently, I wrote to the a powder zeolite company about a claim by liquid zeolite company that powder zeolite are not activated. Activated here means the toxins in natural zeolited are not cleansed. Zeolite by their very negative charged nature when mined from the ground have already attracted heavy metals into the cages and hence has no more "space" to capture more toxins when taken into the body. Their reply was "If it were true that powdered zeolite's cages are full and incapable of removing toxins, why is it that powdered zeolite's have CEC ratings (Cation Exchange Capacities) of 200 to 300 times more than liquid zeolites?"

Subsequently, I found a free ebook which was written by a former nurse and purportedly "...wrote the liquid zeolite book because when I needed accurate information I found it hard to find, and it took me weeks of precious time to finally find the information I felt comfortable with.". She even declared "But I am concerned about YOU not THEM!" As I read the 33 pages of the book, it became apparent what is the so called independent is nothing more than another independent distributor of the liquid zeolite, making claims or statements that sounds reasonable but can be challenged. The worst part of it all is that towards the end, it asked the reader to order from this liquid zeolite company and quote her membership number; I believe you can guess what's her motivation.

After reading articles from both camps, I would still go for the powder zeolite. The CEC rating, or power to remove toxins is an independent way of measuring the effectiveness of zeolite. After all, the purpose of taking zeolite is to remove toxins rather than whether powder or liquid zeolite is better. As to whether it is dangerous to allow micronised zeolite to enter the bloodstream to do its cleaning, I do not have any clinical evidence to support whether this is safe or not. When I am not sure, I would rather not take the risk.

Note: When you undertake a Clinical Trial, it has no real value in the Scientific Community until published in a recognised journal. This can take some time (5 years of data collection).

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