Sunday, January 2, 2011

Trip To San Diego, USA And Tijuana, Mexico (Photographs)

I would like to thank all my friends who have sent me New Year greetings either through this blog, Facebook, email or SMSes. It's a beautiful way to start a New Year by extending good wishes to all.

This New Year, I also received a present from Bee Tin. She gave me a Bubble Mattress which is an alternating air pump and mattress system. It is suppose to make me feel like I am sleeping on air. I have installed the mattress and the air pump and hope to try out sleeping on my new mattress tonight. It's really thoughtful of her and I hope my sleep will even be better. Thanks, Bee Tin.

Trip To San Diego, USA And Tijuana, Mexico
The following are some photographs taken during my trip to San Diego and Tijuana.

With Charlotte Gerson during her weekly visits to the patients to understand their progress. She will answer to any questions that you have pertaining to the Gerson Therapy. Finally meeting her in person!

In downtown San Diego. Unfortunately, I could not sample the coffee at Starbucks!

The shop (I think Korean owned) in downtown San Diego where I had my vegetarian Burritos for breakfast. Later, I had my vegetarian Burritos at the Mexican restaurant next door for lunch.

The beach that is about 5 minutes walk from the Gerson Clinic. I spent much of my free time here. Those stones you see on the sand are actually beautiful round pebbles.

The background are the houses and shops that are fronting the beach.

Entrance to the Gerson Clinic.

Inside the compound of the clinic where patients can sit around read papers, mingle with other patients or just relaxing.

Getting ready for lunch in the dinning hall. Opposite me is Rochell of New Zealand, a caregiver. The dining hall looks empty because most of the patients and the caregivers have left. Last two days in the clinic.


  1. I caught up on the past weeks posts in your blog. Sorry to hear that you're still having belly troubles and coughing and trouble sleeping. I was wiped out for about a week after returning from Mexico. I still don't have my normal energy level back. I find it difficult to take all 13 juices and have only been taking about 10 each day. I am eating pretty well. It's a little easier since my husband and children are eating some of my Gerson food and we can all help prepare it.

    I hope you will recover your energy and be able to get back on your normal routine again. I hope that your fatigue and some of the other problems are caused by your body using most of its resources for healing.

    I wanted to share some information with you. I recently read a book called "Earthing: The Most Important Health Discovery Ever?" by Clinton Ober. It's too cold here now to go outside without shoes, but I did buy a grounding pad for my bed and have been sleeping on it now for a week or so. It seems to be helping me fall asleep faster and feel more relaxed and rested during the day. Since you live in a warm climate, you could easily practice "Earthing" by going outside with your bare feet and put your feet directly on some moist ground or damp grass. Walking on the beach is another great way to "Earth" yourself. I hope you'll look into the Earthing movement and the research on it. Here's their website:

    I am imagining you sitting in the grass relaxing and reading a book. Or lying in the grass taking a nap.

    I hope 2011 is a good year for all of us, but I am also just trying to appreciate each moment.

  2. Wishing you and your family God's joy, love and peace which includes health and wealth for 2011. Ah, so wonderful to see your pix. There's a nice homely feel to the clinic:) Good to see you in good cheer. Praying for your pain to go away and God's healing upon u.