Sunday, January 9, 2011

People Scammers

Amalgam Tooth Fillings
This morning, I visited my dentist to have my amalgam filling removed from my tooth. So far I have five of them fillings replaced. However, unknown to the dentist and me, that tooth was a root canal tooth. The amalgam filling has leaked and also stained the neighbouring tooth. He said, this is the tooth that is most likely contributing to my health problems. I had the root canal done in the 1990s.

The root canal tooth cannot be refilled and will have to be extracted. I have been visiting my dentist weekly and will have that tooth extracted next week. After that, I have three more amalgam tooth fillings to replace.

Friendship Scammers
Somehow, in Malaysia, there are abundance of cases of people being cheated, especially of money. My closest experience was when my ex-colleague was cheated of over RM200K+ (about US$65K) in an eleborate scam, involving getting a job too good to be true. He not only lost his money but his existing job as well. He quit to join the 'new company'. When we found out, a few of us decided to help him out by getting the boss to rehire him. He managed to get his job back.

But there is also a group of people who targets unfortunate people, like cancer patients for example. I am not talking about selling fake cures or medicines. Apparently, there is a group out there offering counselling and support as a front and their intenton is to cheat the patient of his money and property. Some even to the extend or pretext of marrying the patient (if single).

Rumors of such scams in the neighbourhood are abound lately. The scammers will normally donate money to you for a start, then slowly scam you back for more money after they have become very friendly with you. My mother thinks that when someone I met recently treats me rather too well, is out to scam her son's money and property. I assured my mother I don't just make friends with strangers or let strangers comes into my life to take away my possessions. Anyway I don't have that much left, and whatever that is left is for my treatment. So unless, I am under a spell, it is unlikely I will surrender my last cent to that 'friend' at the expense of my own life.

A mother's job is never done and I know my mother worries too much for me, whether I will survive or have money to continue with the therapy or living expenses. So I had a good talk with her, assuring her that her son knows how to take care of himself, least be scammed by these people.

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