Friday, January 7, 2011

Doing It Right, First Time

Gerson Therapy - My First Lesson
I am sure many of my friends, including my family members are anxious to see me heal but so far, I am not able to give any firm indication, despite 16 months into therapy.

My purpose of sharing is to let other cancer patients know what works for me and avoid what does not. It's not a guarantee that it will work for them too but it gives them another treatment option available.

Having been in this therapy for close to 16 months now, would I do differently if I can turn back clock? Of course, I would still chose the Gerson Therapy. I think doing the Gerson Therapy is not easy, so a preferred way is to start the Gerson Therapy first on your own for about three to four months to see if it works for you (ie. whether the diet is suitable, doing the enema possible, doing the 13 hourly juicing and ability to maintain the strict regime). If it does, the suggestion would be to go to the Gerson Clinic under supervision of the professionals and get an individualised therapy and thereafter follow the therapy from home. I know many patients are not able to follow the therapy when they get home, so the trial first will allow the patient to understand what he/she is in for. At the clinic, everything is catered for and so it not a good indicator of suitability.

The first lesson that I learned is this. If you do the therapy for too long without proper guidance and also do not consume the full supplements, what you are getting is a modified therapy that may not be so effective like in my case. After 14 months, I have actually wasted not only a lot of time, but much of my financial resources as well to maintain this therapy. Why not start correctly from the beginning?

Going on an organic diet is not cheap as I found it other countries as well. Your financial resources are limited. Do it right from the start and you may not only get better outcome but better use your financial resources as well.

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