Thursday, January 6, 2011

Miracle Healing

My Progress
It's been one month since I started the full Gerson Therapy beginning in Mexico. I arrived at the Gerson Clinic on 6 December and stayed for two weeks. I have been following on my own for another two weeks. Many of my friends wanted to know my condition after going for treatment. My next blood test is on 20 January, 2011. So at the moment, all I can tell you is from my feel of my body.

I feel great, much stronger than before. My energy levels are improving. I feel energetic, can sleep and eat though not as much as before. I don't feel that hungry anymore and that's because of my thyroid imbalance which I believed is being corrected when I was at the clinic. My pain levels are again at the minimum, sometimes the pain comes (which could be due to a healing reaction) or it could be due to insufficient rests. I have no reason to complain.

Miracle Needed
I can tell some of my friends are rather concerned about my progress and have time and again offered very positive encouragements. Some still pray for miracles to happen to me.

I don't quite like the word miracle even though I have used it before in my posts (in a different context). If a miracle is needed for cancer to heal, then I am doomed. According to, miracle is defined as An event that appears inexplicable by the laws of nature and so is held to be supernatural in origin. I have left out the religious portion of the definition. While you are trying to convey something positive, the meaning it suggest is that it's rare for cancer to heal.

I would feel much better than having to depend on a miracle to heal. Friends, thank you for your prayers but it would be better if you have left out the miracle part.


  1. Since you are chinese, there is an ancient proverb that goes, "The miracle is not to fly in the air, or to walk on the water; but to walk on the earth."

    What you have shared today conveys to me a certain degree of frustration on your part as evident by the level of nit-picking even on little vocabulary terminology used by your readers to support and encourage you.

    My friend, no one chooses cancer and I, too have seen many of my friends not having made it that far like you. The gift of time given to you since you were last diagnosed, you must always remember, is a gift that can be taken away in a mere heart beat. It is not something you have earned by virtue of all the therapy you have undertaken although I admit it helps for us to go back to the human basic needs of living off greens and nature.

    Terminal diseases such as these offer you a chance, if you choose to see it that way, to turn around, to forgive, to change your focus and live richer, appreciate people around you more, find more meaning to life. It is not your right to even think for a second that the little more time you have is entirely due to your own efforts or therapy.

    The hard fact of the matter is that cancer is indeed difficult to get rid off and for the rare few to have manage to live to talk about it, it is indeed a miracle worth sharing. You have been one of those that choose to live day by day, journaling your experiences and sharing that journey with others. Unlike many others out there who have merely given up and resigned to their death. Believe it or not, there are also many out there who are relentlessly praying for you, a miracle you say, purely because life is a gift from God and that same life can be wasted away by us if we do not choose to live it right. What is right then depends on what you believe or not believe in - religion, you call it. I term it my relationship with my God.

    That is what you must realize. You cannot challenge the one author of life. Whether we have cancer or not, staying alive is entirely God's prerogative. We in turn must be obedient to savour the time we have and love more each day.

    I continue to wish more miracles for your remaining life, whether you like it or not, because, like all the rest who are going through this turmoil, we know it can get lonely many a times.

    Someone once said, "The miracles of nature do not seem miracles because they are so common. If no one had ever seen a flower, even a dandelion would be the most startling event in the world." Unless you have been through this experience, you would never have discovered how precious life can be - to this end, viewed from the lens of terminal cancer, every second you have left to spend is indeed a MIRACLE - that realization, my friend in Malaysia is truly a miracle worth celebrating.


  2. I think Chang is just trying to be practical. He believed in taking charge instead of leaving it to someone else whom he cannot control and resign to fate. He is one guy who determine own his fate.

    However, as friends, what else can we do except to have the hope and concerns in our heart. Miracles or no miracles, so long as it is beneficial, it is purely out of concern about another person. To totally rely on just one single form of cure is not right but to leave things to God for miracles is also incorrect.

    Chang, I know you have not reach the stage where you need miracles, for you have seen improvements in yr health and that is achieved by your proactive approach over the past 1 year.

    Keep it up......good health & be happy.

  3. Dear Mary,

    Thank you for taking time not only to read my post but to comment as well.

    I really appreciate the sharing of your prespective on this matter.

  4. I think I understand your dislike of the word miracle. I don't believe that a miracle is necessary for you to heal. I believe your own body knows what to do to get rid of cancer. Now that you are giving your body what it needs in the form of proper supplements, nutrition and detoxing, I believe that your body will very likely be able to heal itself. It can happen.

    One thing that I have found very helpful is "guided imagery". I listen to a recording and relax and let my mind follow the suggestions in the recording. You know all the little scenarios that our minds create? Many of them can be unpleasant and scary. Guided imagery is a way to reprogram your mind with positive images of yourself. I hope you might look into it. I know you do a lot of meditation, and this is something similar.

    I sense some frustration at what you might think is a lack of progress over the last 15 months or so, but you have made progress because you are alive! and now with the help and things you learned at the clinic, I think you will see more of the progress you want.

    Keep strong. Breathe deeply.

  5. Dear Emily,

    Yes, I know of the 'guided imagery' that you talk about. I have attended hypnotherapy sessions that uses similar techniques that you described. So far I also had a reprogramming session. There is still one more session to go.

    My hypnotherapist have given me a recording that guides me into relaxing state and then visualise a bright star, in my case. I have slaken a bit and now that you have reminded me about it, I will work on it again.

    Thanks and I hope that you have made progress on the therapy as well.