Wednesday, January 12, 2011

16 Months And Counting

Today is the start of my 17th month in therapy. Somehow times seems to fly and yet many a times, I feel it just stopped or grinded very slowly, especially during those difficult times.

Gerson Diet
You might think that having being in therapy for 16 months, I would have got used to the Gerson diet. Honestly, I have not. I can live without sugar and oil. But without salt is a totally different taste experience.

With a little salt, everything seems tasty. What's more, the varieties of fruits and vegetables that I have are also limited. Well, I guess the only thing that is keeping me going is my will to continue to live. Everything else does not matter anymore. I am working hard to earn my life back.

Cool Days Ahead
Last few days, I was complaining a little cold. Well, its seems that temperature in the Klang Valley has dipped. Yes, its a cool 26°C in downtown Kuala Lumpur at 12.40pm yesterday.

According to the Star, generally temperatures in the lowlands of Malaysia range between 29°C - 35°C during the day and 26°C - 29°C at night, depending on the amount of rainfall and sunlight.

The Malaysian Meteorological Department said the weather pattern was a bit erratic and the cool weather was expected to continue into the Chinese New Year (CNY). The weather during CNY is usually very hot and humid. Well, this year we will have a reprieve.

CNY is just about 2 weeks away but somehow the atmosphere is rather quiet. I think it reflects the state of economy in the country, although the country is now officially out of recession. Everything seems to be slow moving except for increases in prices of food!

I bought myself a pair of jeans. My old jeans are all size 34 but now I can only wear size 30. The last time I wore this size was when I was 20 years old. Hey, size 30 size is good, it means I am lean.

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  1. I admire your strenght. Wishing you the best, from my deepest heart. It makes me feel my problem I'm facing is way too insignificant.