Thursday, January 27, 2011

Incessant Rantings

There has not been any improvements around my neck and my back areas. The pain is still lingering. The coughing has become worst today and I am not sure if I cough up fresh blood for I could taste my blood, though it was very mild. The phlegm also showed traces of blood. There are also some needle like pain on the left and right sides of my ribs.

I have not been sleeping well for a while now. Previously I can't sleep on my sides because it's painful to rest on the ribs. Now I also can't sleep face-up as there would also be pain on my buttocks. The position I sleep most often now is facing down. It's the least painful position but is also the most uncomfortable.

I have modified my lugol drops intake to only three times a day as I discovered that my thyroid is still hyper active. The blood test also shows my TSH has not improved. Perhaps that's the reason why I lost weight. Also, my left side of my neck is swelling much more.

I don't know how long this pain cycle is going to last, but I do hope it ends soon. I am feeling very tired.

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  1. I am lost of words of encouragement.