Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Going Easy

Health Status Report
This new year, I am making some changes in my blog. Previously, I used to report my health status every week but from this year onwards, I will now report only once every fourth night. This is because my condition has more or less stabilised and there is not much changes within a week.

I have also been reporting about healing reactions and pains as and when it happens. I know, sometimes people do not like to read about sad news. The reason why I am reporting these are for the benefit of those doing self medication, based on my own personal experience.

Air Bed Experience
I have been sleeping for two days in the new air bed. The bed is powered by a pump with two outlets, each connected to a series of alternating air pockets that made up the plastic bed. What this means is that the air pump will have to be on all the time and will regulate the amount of air that remains on the bed. The air alternates between each of the air pockets, which means you will feel on one row, the air is increasing while in the alternate rows, the air is decreasing. This gives you a massage sort of feeling, very good for those with back sores.

I am not used to the bed 'moving' throughout the night. I woke up last two days with back aches. I set the regulator to about 7, meaning the bed is not that stiff. Lower number means softer bed. I will set it to 9 (max) tonight and see if there will be any difference.

Body Reflection
It's been a long time since I last look at my own body in front of the mirror. The last time I did, I watched in horrors how foreign my body looks. Bathroom vanity. Hey, cancer patients still want to look good you know.

The last few days, I had another good look of myself. This time round, I can afford to smile a bit. The ribs that were seen protruding against the skin is now more subtle. This means I have put on back some meat.

The good thing about this development is that I can now sleep on my sides with less discomfort. Is my health improving? I certaintly hope so.

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