Tuesday, January 25, 2011

No Sugar Please

As the days passed, I am finding sitting more difficult, especially on hard surfaces. Besides the pain in the buttocks, my thighs becomes painful while resting on the chair. I think I will need to sit on a soft doughnut cushion. Sigh...

Cancer Feeds On Sugar
Many have heard this phrase before. What is the link between sugar and cancer?

Sugar and flour are foods that have a high glycemic index - which means blood level of glucose rise rapidly in the body. When this happens, the body needs to immediately release a dose of insulin to enable the glucose to enter cells. During the release of insulin, the body also releases another molucule called IGF (insulinlike growth factor) whose role is to simulate cell growth. So sugar actually nurishes and makes them grow faster. At the same time, the insulin and IGF promotes factors of inflammation which besides simulate cell growth, are also fertilizers for tumors and also have capacity to invade neighbouring tissues.

Nobel price winner for his discovery, German Otto Heinrich Warburg found that the metabolism of maglinant tumors is largly dependent on glucose consumption. Researches have found that after injecting breast cancer cells into mice, the cancer cells are less susceptible to chemotherapy when the mouse insulin system has been simulated by the presence of sugar. Studies of Ache Indians living in Paraguay showed that when there are no refined sugar or white flour, there are no peaks of insulin or IGF in the blood. The human body cannot tolerate the refined sugar that we are putting into our bodies. World consumption of sugar per person at the end of the twentieth century has grown to a shocking 70kgs (150lbs) a year.

There you have it. Do your bid to help yourself. Stop consuming refine sugar and if you have to take sugar, please consider molasses instead.

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