Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Sleeping Saga

Yesterday evening, after many weeks of searching, I finally managed to find and buy a top over mattress. I realised not many furniture and mattresses shops sells top over. This two inch layer which is super soft, is put on top of an existing mattress helps cancer patients or older people to sleep with less pain. As such, they are rather expensive and also have a limited market. Perhaps that's why many shops do not carry stocks or sell them.

I found two mattress shops (at Section 19 and SS1) that sells but they don't seem to have stock for single bed and if I order now, the delivery will be after Chinese New Year. The thought of waiting for another week for delivery was too much for me. Sensing my urgent need for one, the shop owner at SS1 offered me her display mattress at RM599 (US$195) plus a 50% discount. Well except for a few finger marks on the protective cover, it was in perfect condition. Well I just have to wash the protective cover.

I thought I can have a good night's sleep yesterday but it turn out to be false. While the mattress was very comfortable and I did not feel any pain when sleeping, it however caused me some other pain. Perhaps, the mattress is too soft, so I had back ache instead. Oh dear...


  1. CT, I would give it a week or two weeks before you decide. It can take awhile to adjust to a new mattress. Is the mattress underneath the topper very firm?

  2. The underneath mattress is a firm foam mattress, a little too hard for me now.

    I am now considering changing the underneath mattress to a firm spring or coconut fiber mattress and see if it helps.