Sunday, January 23, 2011

Que Sera Sera

Finally, I had all my last amalgam tooth filling removed. My dentist wondered if I had a healing reaction as I had my root canal tooth extracted last week. Well, for the whole of last week, what I had was some pain but I did not take any pain killer. My dentist said it will take about six weeks for the wound to heal.

I also noticed that the lymphnode around my left collarbone seems to be "moving" around the neck area, especially so when I am doing my enema or generally when I am in a sleeping position. I felt some discomfort and also pain around both my shoulders. Somehow, the enema is not able to help ease much of the pain.

Yesterday night, feeling tired, I decided to have an early night and was lying in bed at about 8.30pm when suddendly I felt pain around my chest and right ribs area. I was not sure what to make of it, so I just continue to lie down and after about 30mins or so, the pain eased. There was no coughing nor did I cough this morning.

Last Friday, I met an ex colleague which I have not met for over 20 years. His wife has stage 2 breast cancer 9 months ago. Apparently she is now healed after going through radiation treatment. He said his wife refused chemo (as she knows about the side effects) but I did not have the heart to break the bad news to him that radiotherapy, which is life long poisioning, is even worst. Anyway, I wish her free of cancer for the rest of her life.

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