Monday, January 24, 2011

One Of Those Days

Of late, there seems to be more pain for me. I wonder if this is some form of cycle that I am going through. I have had good days and bad days and now it seems bad days are here to stay for a while.

Today, I have abdominal pain and also pain around my left back area. I also noticed that sitting for long periods of time now becomes painful and even driving is not so comfortable now. I am also having some problems with my legs, they feel a little weak, especially on the joints. After sitting for a while, I can stand but can't walk immediately. There would be pain around my joints and I need sometime before I could walk. I hope this is only a temporary problem.

My blood test results shows that I am still low on iron and I am now a little anemic. Perhaps that's explain my tiredness. The results are more or less about the same as previously.

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