Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Changing Taste

Sweet Tooth
Just when I don't need it most, I have developed a sweet tooth when I was at the Gerson Clinic in Mexico. The food at the clinic always seems so sweet. The USA carrots are not only sweet but creamy when juiced while back home I use those from Thailand which are not sweet and creamy. Still I prefer to use Thailand carrots as I prefer the juice to be less sweet. Local organic carrots are not suitable for juicing. For vegetables juices, I also did not include an apple to make it easier to drink. I prefer pure vegetables juices. I have no problems drinking non sweet juices.

However, I am having a little difficulty with cooked vegetables. This is worst when I have mouth ulcers. I seem to like it sweet like the way they did at the clinic. Naturally, when I came back, I tried but just could not reproduce the same way of cooking. So far, I have refrain from adding raisins in some of the foods. The clinic uses lots of raisins in the cooking.

I just made a batch of tomato ketchup which I use in my noodles. Now I also use it on my cooked vegetables as well. It helps and make the food taste better. This is just a short term measure.

A reader of my blog commented on my San Diego/Tijuana photographs yesterday. I am amazed at the details she can see from just photographs. She said I look a little lonely in my individual photographs. She even amazed me by saying my skin looks dry!

Perhaps the way I pose in my photographs made me look like that. It also could be the reflection of my state of mind at that time. The first week was tiring from the travel and I was also experiencing jet lag. But, I was enjoying myself at the clinic, really relaxing. The cold weather affected my skin. My skin around my hands and feet were so dry. I was not able to apply the normal lotion and in the end, the doctor gave me glycerin with water. But it was so diluted that it did not help much.

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