Thursday, December 1, 2011

Looking Forward To Treatment In China

I just came from the hospital after seeing my orthopedic surgeon. He suggested I go for another round (8 sessions) of ultrasound physiotherapy and then decide. He also asked me to bring my MRI scans the next time I see him. If the physiotherapy does not work, then he said the only two options left are a) take pain killers or b) undergo surgery. I told him I will be in China for my kidney tumor treatment and he suggested that I take my Lumbar spine MRI scans along and maybe the doctors there can help.

Last night, I met my friends who just came back from India and I am happy to hear that they are quite pleased with the trip. It was an eye opener for them and they found the trip fun. I came home just before midnight and took a pain killer and a sleeping pill and went to bed. I slept well and woke up about 11am this morning. I will take my last sleeping pill today. As I said, the taking of the sleeping pill is not for long term sleep management but to change the biorhythm of my body clock. I am now sleeping in the day and awake at night. So after discussing with my doctor, I hope the continuous sleeping at night for a week with the help of sleeping pills would turn my body clock back to normal. Well, it's not guarantee that it will work but  it's better seeing the ceiling or watching TV at the dead of the night or not trying at all. Before I left for India, I was awake seven days in a row at night!

Since I rested well last night, my pain score is also low. So the key is to have a good night's rest. I will decide what to do after consulting my doctor after I come back from China from the HIFU treatment in January 2012.

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  1. Dear CT,keep writing and keep doing what you've been doing without let up.Get as much rest as possible and keep thinking positive.I said it earlier and will always say it you are an inspiration to many with your fighting qualities.My prayers always for you in all that you do.God Bless fr AL MAL.