Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Road to Recovery

I feel a bit giddy today. I also feel like vomiting. I could not sleep last night  because I spent the entire daytime  sleeping yesterday. .Otherwise, there is good progress. The pain on my backside is subsiding.


  1. Dear CT,God speed in recovering and keep the strength and the spirit up,our prayers always for you. Fr al mal

  2. Chang, so happy to hear this!! Guess a lot to do with mental strength which I know you have ; in fact much much stronger than many of us. So set sight to come home absolutely satisfied with the treatment and to meet your loved ones in Subang Jaya, hug them and then tell the blog followers more of the success story, best regards, kokpiew

  3. Hi Chang

    Today a friend of mine who constantly says - Hugs with love to his dear friends - I have asked all friends, acquantainces to think of u, say a prayer for u...with our blessed thoughts...may ur body heals...hug someone today 3 times....a reminder.
    Cheers! Ai Wee

  4. God bless , you will recover fast .
    Malaysia is waiting for you to come home for the New Year .
    Wish you have a good day.