Monday, December 5, 2011

Money Money Money

Yesterday, I did not sleep well. I was not sure if I slept as I was in a dreamy state. Despite waking up late, I did not feel refreshed. I was coughing quite a bit this morning and noted my phlegm was stained with blood. The more I cough, I more blood I saw with the phlegm. After I had my morning enema and breakfast, the cough subsided a bit. This happens once in a while. What ever it is, life continues.

I was reading BBC's website today where it was reported about a child afflicted with a rare cancer, neuroblastoma, which affects around 80 children in Britain each year. Chemotherapy did not help. Then in 2007 they heard about a private clinic in Mexico offering a treatment called photodynamic therapy (PDT). PDT uses laser or other light sources, combined with a light-sensitive drug (sometimes called a photosensitising agent), to destroy cancer cells. After embarking on an alternative form of treatment costing his family over £200,000 (US$312,000), only one primary tumor (out of 11) remains. You can read the BBC article here.

I wrote to a cancer friend about this PDT therapy and she told me that PDT is suitable for small lung tumors and she did the New Generation (NG) PDT therapy in August 2011 in Gunagzhou with not much improvement.  She said for bigger tumors,  interstitial PDT treatment, direct to the tumor, may have better result for her case but she said she has run of out of $$$ to try. Her friend's husband who is in Guangzhou undergoing the NGPDT treatment the 2nd time for pancreatic cancer and I am keen to know the results of his treatment. Apparently, her friend met an Indonesian cancer patient who did the Ukrain and NGPDT treatment said NGPDT seems to offer better results. I just hope the  interstitial/NGPDT treatment cost in China is reasonable.


  1. Chong, you should pay a visit to Dr Yap,the only doctor who hold the doctor license from heaven. My husband pass away in June 2008 after suffering GIST cancer for 6 years and we never know Dr Yap all this while. In April 2010, I lost my youngest daughter due to rare pneumonia after a fever attack, she did not sit for her PMR exam in that year. I guest our karma prevent us to meet a right doctor at that time. Now I always introduce people to see the doctor, but most don't believe. If I have know her earlier, my husband and my daughter might have cure and still around in this earth.

    1. Dear Lynn,

      Very sorry to hear about your husband and daughter.

      My mum has GIST too. May I know who and where Dr. Yap is and can I have his contact please?

      Thank you.

  2. Dear Lynn,

    I am sorry to hear about your husband and youngest daughter. I am sure Dr Yap must have impressed you.

    In due time, I will pay a visit to Dr Yap. Thanks.