Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pain for Company

I am still in the hospital because I developed a fever yesterday. The doctors are keeping me for another night. The kidney tumour has been giving me alot of pain. Because of the pain, I find each day difficult to pass. I just sit quietly and do some walking now and then. There is little time to feel depressed because pain is occupying all my time. When I talk, it brings the phlegm up, which leads to coughing. For me, its just too painful to cough right now. The doctors gave me some painkillers earlier but they were not very effective.The names of the drugs are in Chinese so I do not what those drugs are. However, they have just given me an injection and it seems to be working.  The pain has subsided.  Besides the pain medication, the doctors also gave me something for my cough. It has also helped control the cough.
The weather is cold outside. I wish to go back to my dear old home as soon as possible.


  1. I applaud you for your courage & persistence to go through this treatment in chongqing. I hope it will be a great success & you will walk out victoriously as a healed patient.

  2. Chang,
    Hang on to the crucial moments of truth, hv faith in the doctors too, it might be the most important turning point for you, rgds, kokpiew