Thursday, December 15, 2011

Till Tomorrow

This morning, I went to the hospital for four allergy tests. I don't know what the tests are because the test names are in Chinese and I am not able to make a translation of them into English. These tests are important because it would determine if I am able to take the TAE and HIFU treatments.

So far, this is what has been planned for me. I will check-in to the hospital at 3pm today and I will be briefed on the TAE procedure and risks involved and also sign some forms. After that I will stay the night at the hospital. The procedure is scheduled for tomorrow, the time at this moment is not known yet. This is because the doctors are still waiting for confirmation from the operating theatre what time slot is available for me. I will stay in the hospital for a couple of days and the doctors will observe my recovery, especially if I have any severe side effects (known side effects are fever and pain).

So, I will be out for a day or two and hopefully by the 17 December, the doctors will  discharge me from the hospital. The doctor said a week is required to determine if I can proceed to the next stage which is the HIFU treatment.

So, I hope to provide you an update as soon as I get out of the hospital.


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  2. Dear CT, my prayers are always with you,keep strong.Regards from AL MAL.