Monday, December 19, 2011

Good Progress

I am feeling much better today. The doctor came this morning and said that everything is good. In fact, he said  that I am recovering quite fast from TAE, I think the pain I experienced yesterday must have been the side effects of the TAE. I will have to go for a CT scan this coming Wednesday to see if the TAE procedure is working. Seeing my progress, he is encouraged to do radiotherapy implant on the new 4cm+ tumour on my right lung.  I am scheduled for a small dose of radiotherapy drug  to be injected into the tumour this Friday.. If everything goes smoothly, I shall proceed with the HIFU treatment to be done together on both the kidney and  new lung tumour before the end of the year. The doctor is confident in treating this new lung tumour but not the old ones.
I have no issue with targeted chemo/radiotherapy but such procedures are expensive because the drugs are delivered directly to the tumour. The drug for the radiotherapy implant costs RMB40k alone but is safe and effective for use.


  1. Chang, so relieved to read the latest, you know how important for you to have confidence in the doctors and most of all the warrior, the fighter and the boldest friend of mine, that is yourself.
    March on, you will see light at the end of tunnel, i.e. before the year end. Good luck, kokpiew

  2. Hi CT,

    I am very happy to read of your positive progress !

    I agree with Kok Piew's comment - the warrior must soldier on towards the light at the end of the tunnel !

    "Zia Yew" !

    Best wishes !

  3. Keep your spirits up know we are all with you - our good thoughts keep it in you and with every breath think of the tumour shrinking, think of your immunity system fighting...rejuvenate the good cells in your someone at least 3 times a day....Ai Wee

  4. Dear CT,keep your spirits up and keep fighting without letting up,you are an inspiration to many.God Bless regards AL MAL.

  5. Keep it up. The hopes of all current and future patients are at stakes. Good deeds bring good Karma.

  6. CT,

    It's Christmas and time for Giving, whether or not we are Christians.

    Please publish your China Bank account as I would like to send you a present.

    Warm regards, TCA