Monday, December 12, 2011

Greetings From Chongqing, China

I planned that I will spend about 1 1/2 days in Chengdu for a rest before proceeding to Chongqing.I was really tired on Sunday. After waking up, I went for a quick breakfast and then to the railway ticketing agent to purchase 3 tickets to Chongqing on Monday morning. After getting the train tickets, I went back to the hotel to continue my sleep while my sister and my wife took a trip to the Chengu Gian Panda Breeding and Research Center. Both my legs are getting from bad to worst. It seems to be more painful now. Just after a short walking, I would have to stop and take a rest. My sinus came back and I have been getting nose blocked everyday since I arrived. I have also been coughing and everytime I cough, the pain on my nerves around the groin and right butt area is also becoming very painful. This is especially so if I am not on the pain killer. So, most of the time, I spent at the hotel lying in bed.

The TV programs stinks. Getting vegetarian food is so difficult that I had no choice but to make special request like chowmien and told them just to add just vegetables (no eggs and meat), low salt and low oil. In Chengdu, every food must be laced with chilli powder, so I have to tell them low chilli powder as well. Yesterday evening, I ordered fried rice, again no eggs and meat, low salt, low sugar and low chilli powder. What I got was plain fried rice (with some oil and salt) but nothing else in it. So, have to teach the cook to add vegetables when frying the rice. The proprietress was very accomodating and apologising as she did not know how to do a vegetarian fried rice.

I have been sleeping better. Despite taking a nap on Sunday, I was able to sleep last night. This morning, I took breakfast at the hotel, with some simple food like bread and pumpkin porridge. At 9am, I check-out of the hotel and took a taxi to the Chengdu Railway Station East. The railway station is huge, as big as the KLIA main terminal building and security is much like airport where passenger has to show identity proof as well as scanning of all luggages. The morning jam was bad but since the railway station was away from the city, it took about 20 minutes to arrive. The train is very modern and departed Chengdu on time at 10.25am and arrived at Chongqing at just about 12.25pm with one stop in between. The first part of the journey, the train was travelling at speeds of 195kph while after the stop in between, the train slowed down to a speed of about 160kph.

Chongqing railway station is also very big but not as big as the Chengdu station. It is connected to a underground MRT and also taxi station. Although the queue was long, getting a taxi was easy. This time I was more prepared and showed the taxi driver the name and address of the hotel in Mandarin and he was able to take us there in about 20 minutes and the fare cost RMB25. Chongqing is much warmer than Chengdu but I found the air quality a bit of a problem. I could sometimes smell foul smell and the air seems polluted. The hotel where I stayed is not too bad, got everything including a microwave oven. The only problem was the noise. The hotel is surrounded by construction going on and you can hear the construction sounds such as knocking and sawing, etc. In front of the hotel is a MRT station and the city center is just about less than 5 minutes walk away. There streets seems to be full of people and you can see shopping complexes all round. The hospital is about 5 minutes walk away. That's the reason why I chose this hotel.

Anyway, I did take some photographs and will upload them later. I am still very tired and spend most of my time in my room resting.

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