Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Well Rested

Yesterday was a bad day for me. After dinner, I was not feeling very well and after I rested a while, I thought why not just go to bed early? So at about 9pm, I took a pain killer and another sleeping pill and went to bed. I slept really well and woke up at about 6am. I was feeling much better this morning and suddenly the pain that hounded me badly yesterday was gone. I stayed in bed until about 8am and power on my phone. I then received an SMS, sent out the night before from my friends in India that they are now at the airport on the way back home. It went quite well for them after the initial setback.

I have two more sleeping pills left and hopefully by Friday, my sleeping pattern would return to normal. I spent most of my time resting today. I think the more I rest the less pain I feel. So I just slept. Anyway, I will see what my orthopedic surgeon will have to say tomorrow about my problem.

An old colleague called me and said if I heard about HITV. I said I have consulted the doctor about the treatment and after telling him the cost of treatment, he was shocked. His father has been recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. I told him I will be doing the HIFU treatment and will be flying to China for my treatment next Saturday. He then asked if his father can join me for the trip? Well I told him if it is company that he wants why not? I am flying to Chengdu and then a two hour train ride to Chongqing. This is even faster then taking the direct flight that will have one transit stop in Hong Kong, Shanghai or Beijing.


  1. Hi Chang

    Read ur updates....the struggles u went through in India is a blessing in disguise...if u have continued on the train journey and the fire?? dont be well for the coming China trip...u need the energy level to do well in the HIFU treatment....Cheers!...Ai Wee

  2. You could still put the pieces of the two dreams together, not bad at all. Who was the secretary? who was that boss? HLA types of people I believe.

    Rest well, Chang, and hv all the positiveness you need for the Chengdu HIFU treatment,


    God bless

  3. Dear CT,glad to note you are resting and sleeping well with the pain almost gone,thank god,just keep doing what you are doing without letting up and rest well to tackle the China trip for the HIFU treatment.God Bless regards AL MAL.