Monday, December 26, 2011

The Big Day

The last two days have been spent on cleaning up my gastrointestinal tract. I have been on soft diet, only plain teowchew porridge is allowed.  I also took two allergy tests.
Last night was a really difficult night for me. I had to do five clean water enemas to clear the colon and another four enemas this morning. Winter is the wrong time to be doing this. It is cold especially when one has to do enemas. The pain on my legs are the real killer. Even though it is supposed to be a non-invasive procedure, the preparations for it is like that of a major operation. There are risks involved.
Finally, the big day has arrived and I am looking forward to it. I will be starting the HIFU treatment under general anasthesia this morning. The procedure is expected to take more than 5 hours.
Incidentally, since I have been in China, this blog has been updated on my behalf by my friend. There is also no internet access in this hospital. Every few days, I will go back to my hotel to read my emails. My friend has also been copying your comments to me via email so that I can continue to receive your moral support. Please wish me luck.

Update at 8.45 pm
I  have regained consciousness. I am still groggy. Thank you for your prayers, chanting, positive energy and kind thoughts.I will provide an update tomorrow.


  1. Chang,send out the positive energy and you will be good.Always believe law of attraction works. Ya, winter is cool but you have our moral support to keep yourself warm. KH.

  2. Hi CT ... the "bestest of bestest", if there's such a term :) luck to you !

  3. Dear CT,
    I have been reading your block since I discovered it one month ago. What you wrote give me an in-depth understanding of how a cancer patient go thru. You also shared with us your treatment using herbal, juicing and other methods which are very useful info for others. I really look forward to your new block and in fact was worried if there was no update. You have come so far fighting every battle along the way and I wish you every success. My prayers are with you always. Stay strong.

  4. Good luck, good luck, good luck to you!!!

  5. May the force of goodness and wellness be with you always CT!

  6. Chang,

    On behalf of all our mutual acquintances, I pray for you a speedy recovery and every success in the HIFU treatment, I am sure all your friends in HLA, Tahan & Arabian colleagues are constantly praying for you.

    You are certainly very thoughtful to go through the process to keep your blog followers informed, so it is not presumptouson on my part to say they too would wish you every success, every miracle and every happiness after the surgery.

    To that friend who updates your blog he or she too deserves special mention; the two ladies (you mentioned abt yr wife and sister going to China with you)are also great source of strength and motivation to you, They too are great people

    Chang, God bless you

    from KokPiew

  7. My prayers are with you...that the treatment will be a great success!!!
    Wishing you well!!

  8. Praying for your health and may you have a swift recovery...

    Hang in there.

  9. Hi, Chang,
    A big thank you to your friend who updates your blog.
    I am praying and chanting for you.Best of luck, speedy recovery and happiness .


  10. Dear CT,keep up the high spirits and rest assure the prayers are always said for your speedy recovery and thank you friend for updating the messages. CT keep being an inspiration to all. regards AL MAL.

  11. CT , Good Luck be with you and praying for you a successful HIFU treatment and good recovery .
    God Bless.

  12. Hi CT,
    I only got to know you through your blog. I have been praying for you. May this treatment be a very effective one. God Bless.

    Best Regards, YL

  13. Hi Chee Teck,
    Good health,good luck and speedy recovery. Your determination and courage will defintely see you through this. Send my regards to your wife as well.Fr: How Beng

  14. Chang,

    How relieved ! Hope to see you at home, rgds, kokpiew