Thursday, December 22, 2011

Getting the Chills

Last night, my sleep was disturbed by a bout of coughing. I woke up feeling chilly. My roommate must have switched off the heater in the room while I was asleep. The clothes I had on as well as my comforter were not enough to keep me warm especially with the heater off. My back also hurts..
My roommate had been here in March this year to treat his liver cancer using HIFU. He is back again for treatment of some stomach bleeding problems this time round. He said that this hospital is very good in HIFU including the treatment of fibroids. He went on to tell me of many success stories.  
Later in the morning, the doctor came for his rounds. He informed me that they would be proceeding with the  radiotherapy implant on the lung tumour in the afternoon. It was originally planned for Friday.
There was some delay towards afternoon but I  finally managed to complete the implant by evening. The doctors said that it went well but I suppose we will have to see the final results from the scan. I experienced a little pain during and after the procedure. Otherwise, I am doing okay.

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  1. How is the implant done? Can you describe the process?