Saturday, December 3, 2011

Flat Out

Yesterday, I was flat out in the afternoon. I woke up at about 10am after a good night's sleep. Went about my morning routine. After lunch I was starting to feel tired. I laid down on a makeshift mattress that I put on the carpet to rest my back. I am not sure if my back or my kidney tumor is giving me the pain but most likely it is my tumor because when I softly massage the tumor area, I get some relief. After I laid down to rest my back, I went to slumber land. I did not plan to sleep but only to rest the back. I woke up about 6pm and then continue my daily routine. When I sleep, I am not drinking my juices. If I am awake to prepare and drink the juices, then I cannot sleep. I don't know which option is better but I do know whichever I do, there will be a compromise.

Last night was the first time I sleep without the sleeping pills after taking them six days in a row. Was I able to sleep better? I only managed to fall asleep at past 3am. Maybe it was the afternoon nap that I took but I am still happy that I was able to sleep. Today, I have a busy day. I have signed up for a Buddhist workshop that will last 5 hours at a Sri Lankan Temple in Sentul starting at 3pm. The first part of the workshop is about how to live during difficult times or when life seems to be full of obstacles. This is a practical Q&A session. The second part of the workshop is about how to use spirituality to develop inner peace. I felt the theme of today's workshop was quite suitable for me and decided to attend to take instruction from the master. I have stayed away from attending talks for the last two years but decided to be more active from now onwards.

A friend of mine called me yesterday and told me that he will be going to a hospital in Guangzhou to undergo a medical procedure called Atrial Fibrillation. When he heard that I will be doing medical procedure in Chongqing, after checking out the hospital that I was going, he was rather keen to go to the same hospital. I gave him my contact and hope that he could arrange something out with the hospital.  My sister and my wife will be accompanying with me to Chingqing for about 10 days and while the rest of the days, I will be alone. I figure out that if anything should happen to me, it should happen within the first week of the medical procedure and with two persons around, it would be easier to handle the situation. If my friend can come too, it would be nice as I would have company in Chonging when I stayed on do the follow-up treatment later.

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