Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Post Surgery Pains

I don't feel so good now..I feel weak and spent most of today in bed, sleeping. I have also been coughing alot. Whenever I cough, I experience bad pain at my backside. There is slight pain at the tumour area. I started drinking some water in the afternoon. For dinner, I have been allowed porridge.
I hope I will feel better tomorrow.


  1. Dear Chang

    New Year is approaching, and I wish you all the BEST and a new beginning. Look forward to meeting you back in KL!

    Best Regards

    Allen Tan

  2. Chang,

    You just had a operation a day ago, need some time to recover. Don't worry too much, right now get enough rest, cough or no cough, pain or no pain you shd believe you are now without that growth, so on the right track to recovery. God bless you, warmest regards fr KokPiew

  3. Hi CT,

    What you are feeling could be healing side effects. Please stay strong !

    Best wishes,


  4. Hi Chang

    Remember we all have u in our hearts and mind as we read ur post...feel our energy with u as u take in each breath, hug someone 3 times a day....SMILE :)

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