Sunday, December 4, 2011

Last Minute Shopping

I will make today's post short because I was busy for the whole day.

Yesterday I came home late and did me coffee enema at about midnight. After that, I retired to bed and could not sleep. It must been the coffee. The imported coffee that I use in not only organic but very good grade, and in my opinion better than that you get in Starbucks. So I spent the whole night staring at the ceiling. I just toss and rolled in bed and got up at 10am this morning to begin my morning routine. Even during the day time, I did not sleep. After lunch, a group of my friends visited me. We were all finance guys, once upon a time working together at two listed companies as COO, Group FCs, Company Secretary and Senior FM. So when we got together, it's always about the good old days. It's really nice of them to visit me before I fly off to China. We will most likely meet again just before Chinese New Year in January 2012 for our annual reunion.

Then after dinner, my sister came over and we went shopping for long johns. My old johns are size L and now I can only wear M size. This john is made of 100% extrafine coolwarm fibre. What this means is that when I am at a place that is cold, the john will keep me warm and yet when I am at a place that is warm, the john will not make me feel hot but comfortable.


  1. Dear Chang,
    All the best to you for your mission in China.

    Bee Tin

  2. Dear CT,God Bless,have a successful trip to China.Keep writing and best regards.AL MAL.

  3. Think positive...Await to read your updates...Ai Wee